Sud Soudan AThe Brothers of Uganda founded a community in Riimenze on 19th July 2013, in the heart of a poor rural area, 40 km from the town of Yambio. In connection with the Christian community, they have weaved contacts with families and population, and have prepared the necessary material settings. The priority was to build a residence for the community. The Brothers of Haiti, France, England, Canada and the USA participated financially in this construction.

Sud Soudan B

In a second phase, the construction site of the Primary school was realised. The associations of solidarity connected to the congregation, “Terre sans Frontière” (Canada), “Assific” ( France) and “SAL” (Spain) participated actively in the search for funds, in connection with other contributions requested by the Province of Uganda. The opening of the school was made possible- in spite of the political stability – in February 2018.


Our Lady of the Assumption
Primary School

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