beninTowns: Thian – Parakou

Communauté des Frères
BP 474 Parakou
Courriel :

Communauté ND des Hibiscus


Bénin BThe Beninese Mennaisian history begins at a place located 25 km from Parakou, a city with 120 000 inhabitants in the Midwest of Benin.

Thian. From 1988 to 1990, Bro. Jean Le Jeune works at the Trappist monastery of Kokoubou where he helps young people, aspirants to monastic life, to improve their knowledge. In 1991, in agreement with Bishop Asogba, archbishop of Parakou, a Vocational Centre opens at Thian, a village located 5 km from Parakou. Academic help and discernment are the core of the activities of this household since its foundation.  This service will last until 2000. In 2008, the community of Thian welcomes the Postulate of the District.

Bénin Hibiscus A

Les Hibiscus

Les Hibiscus-Parakou.
In 1998, the Brothers had answered a new call from Bishop Asogba, taking responsibility for “Les Hibiscus” College, at Parakou. Since that time a compound was bought in town and a community house  was erected

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