The Brothers

Living fully, cheerfully and fraternally

To be a Brother, is to experiment God who loves infinitely as a fire that warms, a breath that invites to leave everything so as to live and give life.

Seized by Christ, the Brothers choose a lifestyle conjoined with the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. They are consecrated.

In a community of life and prayer, they want to live the brotherhood among themselves and with the others. In simplicity and in joy, they accept to share what they are, what they do and what they have.

Every day, they take part in the Eucharist. Twice a day, they gather to pray in community: in the morning for Lauds and meditation; in the evening, for Vespers and adoration.

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Brothers of young people

At the service of the young people and wishing to announce Christ, they can notably be, according to needs, people and situations: animators, educators, teachers, Formators or perform many other functions.

They are present in schools or educational centres as well as in holiday or reception centres.

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Consacrated to follow Christ

Seduced by Christ. It is the meaning of the three vows that the Brother pronounces during his profession:

  • obedience: to look for the Father’s will through human mediations.
  • poverty: to use the goods of this world without being attached to them.
  • chastity: to be totally available to God.

With “gentleness and firmness”

Take care of our children, give them solid foundation, help them build their life.” Placed alone at the beginning, at the founding of the congregation, the Brothers faced with courage and zeal to answer the calls of families.

And they will show themselves creative, enterprising, battling against the realities. Here they are alternately builders of schools, authors of textbooks, initiators of evening classes, farmers, specialists of so many school subjects, catechists… with still so many other roles!

From 1837, they sailed to foreign countries, in Guadeloupe, to found schools in 35 different countries in the course of history.

Today, the spirit of the origins remains: to associate oneself to help children and young people to grow up. The objective is clear: to develop an education which affects all the dimensions of the life of a young person. Their motto: God alone! Their style: with gentleness and firmness.
Now, the Brothers are about 800, present in 26 countries, on the five continents. More than 130 young Brothers are currently in formation.

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