A Family…

Brothers and laymen, each according to the state of his life and his choices is called to join a family. The family, is the place where we are welcomed, in confidence, and where we can grow up and on which we can rely to give ourselves.

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“When the term “family ” appeared, I felt myself wanted and loved. To be part of the family gives a sense of belonging  . By our sharing we help one another.. ”

“This family is a path of spirituality; the spirituality being a way of being in relation to God and to the others”. “Time has come to move forward together”.
“Any family has a name. People respect one another, love one another and show solidarity in the good days as in the bad ones. This family wants to grow and to leave an inheritance. ”

“In my family, we are very united and yet, we did not choose one another, it’s like that. Here, it is a family I have chosen with its strengths and its weaknesses, especially with that power which is the love of Jesus and neighbour. ”

“A family is full of talents; it helps me grow up in the contacts of others.”



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are the heirs of Jean-Marie de la Mennais. By ffollowing him, our goal is to be attentive to young people, to live brotherhood, to support or to work on education in all its dimensions, to live in Christ.

“The Mennaisian family, it is the people, Brothers and lay people who share and live according to the spirit of J. M. de la Mennais. ”

“Being Mennaisian is sharing with the Brothers the values that guided their founder. Is to want to work with children. It is to want to work with the children. It is to put Christ at the centre of my life and of each of my actions.”

Jean-Marie de la Mennais has had an influence on my life by the testimony of Brothers and lay people, and their challenge became my challenge. A challenge that speaks to me of announcement, of children and youth, of alternative education following the way of Jesus. A challenge with others … ”

“Jean-Marie de la Mennais was a man ahead of his time who saw the need to ensure an education that goes well beyond a simple instruction, and who also saw the need to ensure thus an integral education, universal and Christian. ”




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