Join a group of young people.

Rejoindre un groupe.

Join a group.

In your school, your city, your region or your country, there is undoubtedly a group of young people in connection with the Brothers. Inquire in your school or get in touch with the Brothers nearest to you.






Meeting a Brother, getting in touch with a community.

Meet a community. Here, Bilbao, Spain.

Meet a community. Here, Bilbao, Spain.

You want  to meet a Brother to talk, to share your questions, to be heard. Get in touch with the Brothers or the closest members of the Mennaisian family.






Being an animator.

You would like to become an animator of a summer camp, a holidays camp with children or teenagers or to attend  a formation session to become an animator of young people during the summer or in your school.

Animer un groupe. Ici, rencontre d’animateurs de La Prairie et Pointe-du-Lac, Canada.

To animate a group. Here, meeting of animators at La Prairie and in Pointe-du-Lac, Canada.


France : François Péron
Foi et Prière  mail :

Spain : Bro. Alberto Pardo,
Bro. Natxo
Bro. Rafa Alonso,

Canada : Bro. Mario Houle,,
Bro. Pierre Leblanc,

Mexico: Bro. Mario Couture,

Living  a Solidarity stay.

Groups in the La Mennais schools or Educational Centres organise Solidarity stays to live a time of discovery, solidarity, construction site in another country, e.g.: Mexico, Uruguay, Benin, Togo, Haiti.
Get information from the contacts.

Going out as a volunteer. 

      Do you have a desire to serve? A project of development aid? Do you want to live one year or more of cooperation? It is possible with the Brothers  to go out  as a volunteer.

Contacts :

France :  La Mennais Jeunesse


Canada :

To study and live in the “Household”. 

The  “Household of the students “ is a students’ sharing  apartment, accompanied by the community of the Brothers in Rennes, (Brittany, France) and by associated Mennaisian laymen. The objective of this « Household » is to allow Christian students to have a link with a community, with a spiritual dimension.

Contact :


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