Repères spirituels inspirés de Jean-Marie de la Mennais

7 levers to nourish our interior life today

Seized by Christ and his Word.

We are at the heart of a love story. The spirit and the life of Christ upset our life. Here we are called to spread an endless joy. And the life of prayer, lived alone or in community, springs from the intimacy with the Father, drawn from listening to his Word.

Guardian angels among the children.

Sent towards the children and the young people, here we are, with them, educating, accompanying, and teaching. The educational action, it is to take care of. The school, the family, relations: everything becomes a place of healing and growth. And we are these faces of Christ carried by hope.

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The joy of Brotherhood.

Avid to love this world loved by God, we want to live the brotherhood, as witnesses of this new and universal brotherhood following Christ. We are brothers of Christ and of all people, especially present to  the children and young people who are most in need.

In the hands of Providence.

We have no other wish but to do your will in all things “Confidence! It is a question here of giving way, of being passive, of letting go, as a son with his Father, present and friendly.

Confident in trials.

Available for the service, we try not to be crushed by doubts, trials and failures. The links of solidarity, of mutual aid, of communion help to go through difficult times.

Rooted in the Church.

To announce, to witness and to celebrate are at the heart of the identity of the Church for which John Mary de la Mennais wanted to live and to die. We completely want to be actively involved with this People of God, bound with so many men and women at the rhythm of the world.

At Mary’s school.

Patroness of the Congregation and inspirer of the Mennaisian Family, Mary is source of gentleness, silence, and patience. Here is our Mother and we like to be her children.

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