“Holding Jesus in Our Arms: this is the Sign, this is the Path, this is the “Recipe” for Renewal. » Br. Hervé Zamor, Superior General cited the questioning of Pope Francis during the Presentation of his Report this Wednesday.

This Report has Four Main Parts.

The First, takes stock of the Institute presenting the Brothers and the Works, the Young people in Initial Training, the Mennaisian Family and for an Ecology of Fertility.

The Second, highlights Strengths and Weaknesses: Listening to Our Reality – To the Edge, Empty Jars and for an Ecology of Service.

The Third, attempts a Rereading in the light of the Fundamental Lines of the 2018 General Chapter by following Our Path to Emmaus.

The Fourth, finally submits Orientations and Lines of Action to the Discernment of the Capitulants so that the Brothers and Lay People of the Mennaisian Family can continue to be “Servants of Hope”. Listen to and put into practice the Word of the Lord, build together in order to serve the New Wine of the Gospel.

“The Little Way”

The Brother Superior also highlighted the two Current Appeals of the Church, as Winks from Providence.

A call to Synodality: Listen, Walk Together and Convert, Open Up, and Discern.

A call to Trust, according to the model of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, with the “Little Way”.

“This Little Path joins the main features of Our Spirituality,” he underlined: “Humility, Abandonment to Providence and Mission.”

Echoes of Table Conversations

A Second Phase brought together each of the 6 Teams for a Conversation Process under the Sign of the Spirit and the calls of the Lord based on the Report of the Brother Superior General.

This took place in successive stages: Personal Reflection, Sharing, Listening to each other and Building a Synthesis Together.

Here is an Echo of some of the main points shared by the Tables.

Reasons for Thanksgiving

+ The Life that exists in the Congregation and the Mennaisian Family

+ Our Jars are not Empty: God Trusts us and gives Strength

+ The History of the Congregation for 200 years with the Founders, Brothers and Young People

+ Our Situations of Lack bring us back to the Essential: the gift of Fraternity, the Fertility of Education and the Mennaisian Family

+ Fidelity with Audacity and Simplicity in New Missions among the Poorest

+ The growth of Our Institute and the Mennaisian Family with simplicity and Our Life centered on Christ


+ Let us Focus on the call of Jesus as Brothers, Living Fraternity

+ Invited to a Personal Conversion and to live the calls of the Peripheries

+ Live Solidarity and Collaboration between the two Worlds of Our Congregational Reality: one Develops and the other Decreases

+ Achieve Stronger Unity in the Congregation with Strengthened Bonds

+ Helping with Stronger Human and Spiritual Formation

Lines of Action

+ Initial and Ongoing Formation of Lay People and Brothers and support for each

+ Solidarity between the two Worlds of Our Congregation at all Levels: Men, Skills, and Resources

+ Strengthening the Visibility, Symbols and Affirmation of Mennaisian Identity in Our Schools and Educational Works

+ The Adaptation of Our New Rule of Life to Our Daily Reality

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