United, everything becomes possible. Being linked to a team means making one body. It Is to share one’s life with others. To stop, think and act together. Walking with a team, it’s an adventure.

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“Alone, it is difficult to act, but together, in a group, we become powerful. ”

“We have a meeting once a month. The sharing we make is deep. We leave motivated. I think that the Lord wants us complementary. That is why he wanted us different.”

“Our meetings allow us to grow richer one another, to bear mutually, to encourage one another, to turn passionate, to feel united ”

“Our meetings help to enrich each other, to support, to encourage, to inflame, to feel solidarity”

“I have lived all kinds of trials including several deaths following an accident. Joining a team has done me good ”

“At first I did not dare express myself, I just listened. Over the years, I saw that I was able to open up and express myself because I knew no one would laugh at me, even if I had different opinions from those of others. ”

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