To analyse the current economic situation of the Congregation, to study the possible resources and to look at the evolutions in progress: so many projects on the agenda of the Treasurers’  session. It takes place at Casa Generalizia in Rome, from the 2nd to the 6th  October.

The General Council and the Treasurer general organised common meeting times during which the financial report from the Treasurer General’s Office was presented with some proposals. Proposals have also been made for contributions to the general budget from the Provinces and Districts.

The participants of the assembly held at Casa Generalizia, in Rome. The Brothers of the General Council, the Treasurer General, the 11 Provincial and District Treasurers,and the three experts.

A point was also made on the follow-up of the International Solidarity Fund and the evolution of financial autonomy in Africa.

The participants are 11 Treasurers: Brothers Jean-Yves Mingant (Togo), Jean-Marie Amisia (Congo), Rogers Michael Kazibwe (Uganda), Fidelis Kisakeni(Tanzania), Lamy Dessalines (Haiti) , Benito Zampedri (Argentina), Henri Alanou (Polynesia) and Nolin Roy (Philippines).

The Brothers of the General Council and the Treasurers with the three experts. From left to right: Mes.srs. Gérard Archambault, Gilbert Guihaire Bro. Daniel Briant, Treasurer General and Mr.Javier Berasategui.

Three financial experts were also invited to participate in the first three days of the meeting. They are Mr. Gilbert Guihaire (France), Mr.Javier Berasategui (Spain) and Mr. Gérard Archambault (Canada).

On Tuesday evening, 3rd October, Bro. Yannick thanked them for their expertise since 2013. “Thanks to their help, we have strengthened our ability to be more supportive in order to better respond to our mission today. They also allowed us, in order to prepare for the future, to associate confidence in Providence with a rigorous and transparent management of our goods. Each one received a “parchment” in recognition of his invaluable service and a souvenir of Rome.

Bro. Yannick Houssay, Superior General thanked the experts for their valuable assistance. Here Gilbert Guihaire.

Gilbert Guihaire.

Bro Yannick and Javier Berasategui.

Photos Bro Hervé Asse

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