The Rule of Life in the Light of the Word of God

Booklet 1 (doc – 134 kb)

Booklet 2 (doc – 103 kb)

Booklet 3 (doc – 569 kb)

Booklet 4 (doc – 74 kb)

Booklet 5 (doc – 82 kb)

Booklet 6 (doc – 574 kb)

In the footsteps of Jesus after the example of John-Mary de la Mennais (pdf – 4 MB)

The Word at the centre of ours lives Journey for the Christmas Season  (pdf – 1 MB)

The Word at the Centre of ours lives. Journey for the time of Advent (pdf – 74 KB)

From the Congregation

Courte biographie de Gabriel Deshayes
Short biography of Gabriel Deshayes

Courte biographie de Jean-Marie de la Mennais
Short biography of Jean-Marie de la Mennais

Les idées éducatives de Jean-Marie de la Mennais
The educational ideas of Jean-Marie de la Mennais






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