” Next 1st June is an important date for the advancement of the cause of Beatification of Father de la Mennais” explains Bro. Dino de Carolis, Postulator.

The 7 Medical Specialists – Child Neurosurgeons – received the file sent by the Department for the Causes of Saints in Rome several weeks ago and will report their Conclusions: was the healing of this young child, Josette POULAIN, in 1955 in Combourg, France, unexplained or not?

The Combourg Clinic, in 1955, then run by the Daughters of Providence of St-Brieuc. On the right, the St Joseph Hospice.

The Official Typography of the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints “Nova Res” in Rome printed the 18 copies of the Summarium, which contains the entire file of the Investigations (295 pp.), supplemented by the latest expert opinions.

These allowed the Cause of Father de la Mennais to access the Consulta Medica, the Medical Commission which meets on June 1st.2023

Work is in progress to introduce other causes, including that of Brother Zoël.

Brother Zoël, the “Baker of the Heart”

At the moment the Postulation is carrying out the Biography of Bro. Zoël -1819-1851, Aurélien Hamon, who lived in Plouvorn, France, as a Communal Teacher from 1842 to 1851. He was surrounded by a great reputation for holiness. In this research, the collaboration of several Researchers – Historians, Archivists…- Brothers and Lay people – is precious.

Venerable Bro Zoël! This is the adjective used until today. Many families have come to pray at his grave for a long time, confiding in the difficulties in walking of this or that child. It is of course also his image as Benefactor and School teacher of reference that marked. Here is why explained Kristian Gallic, from Plouvorn, passionate about local History.

Celebration at the Church of Plouvorn in 2019, during the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Brother Zoël.

Born in Plouha in 1819, Bro Zoël arrived in Plouvorn in 1842, at the age of 23. He taught children in the Ste Geneviève Ossuary Chapel where he welcomed up to 114 children, accepting all who came.

In 1847, struggling with famine threatening the entire population, he bought flour, used one of the village ovens at the Baker Guillou and helped by 4 people, he became a Baker, producing 8,200 pounds of bread for three weeks. The population is saved!

In 1851, Plouvorn experienced an Epidemic of Typhoid and Cholera. Bro. Zoël was again there to visit his students and families. Also affected, he died at the age of 32 in 1851.

Other searches related to Brothers

Moreover, the Postulation carries out very precise Historical Research on some Brothers with a view to the possible Introduction of a Possible Cause.

The interested Bishops and the General Councils of the Mennaisian Institutes – Brothers of Christian Instruction and Daughters of Providence of Saint-Brieuc – will judge the opportunities to pursue this proposal.

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