Meeting one’s peers again, sharing what drives us, taking a step forward together and renewing oneself: this was the shared joy of the day of February 13rd for the Student Life Responsible Leaders of the Mennaisian Network of France.

After two years impacted by Covid during which the meeting times could not take place in person, this Annual Training day finally allowed us to find ourselves.

Workshops and Animations throughout the day.

Being responsible for Students life means having many responsibilities within an Institution. They are divided into several areas: ensuring individual and collective Educational Monitoring of pupils, organizing the Administration of School life and facilitating this team, all in close collaboration with the School Head.

Through exchanges, group sharing and a contribution by Brother Régis Lefrère, a Formator, everyone was able to appropriate the benchmarks of our Educational Tradition, with as a common thread of the day: “Educating, between proximity and erasure”.

Positive energy

“As for some students, a breathing time is necessary: a day like today allows it. Discussing our daily lives with colleagues allows us to relativize and leave with positive energy,” said one of the participants.

Richness of exchanges, sharing of experiences and realities.

Several ideas to build relationships and meet the expectations of Mennaisian School life Leaders will now be able to be achieved thanks to the reactivation of the Commission ‘’School Life’’.

Next year’s Meeting is already scheduled for Monday, February 26th, 2024.

Denis Chevrel

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