Shouts of Joy and Hugs! The 22 Young Spanish and 27 French People celebrated a playful reunion on Wednesday at the Estrella Garden, in the heart of Lisbon. Workshops, Concert, Meal, and Prayer. To feel part of a Common Family is important! And the 49 La Mennais of the WYD send a message to the other young La Mennais of the World: “Let’s meet at the next WYD! “.

Bro James and Bro Nicolas eagerly hug without disturbing a neighbor!

A Great Workshop to strengthen ties…

“This moment is the culmination of two years of contacts and preparation, each in his Country, to form a group, then to decide and organize this Meeting here in Bilbao, today. »

The Animation Team for France is made up of Corentin Ogier, Coordinator, and Br. James Hayes, and Br. Rafa Alonso, Coordinator for Spain, with Br. Justino de Santiago and Br. Nicolás Urreta. Meetings punctuated the year and united the Teams and already the Camino shared between Young Spaniards and French last year had initiated and strengthened the links.

The Delegation of Young Adults from Spain with Bro. Justino, Nicolas and Rafa.

Discuss in depth, as a Team… On the left, F. James, in the center, Bro Rafa.

Corentin Ogier at work to share the bracelets offered by the Spanish Team.

Coming from many Cities in Spain including Portugalete, Bilbao, Madrid, the Delegation of Young Spanish Adults arrived directly at the beginning of the Week in Lisbon while the Young French people were welcomed into Portuguese families in Porto the Week before.

Below, the full JMJ La Mennais France Delegation.

“The Atmosphere here is Magical! »

Daniéla, Martin, Laurene and Louis-Marie shared their impressions and what touches them in these WYD:

“Meeting so many people from all these Countries is amazing! »

“I also want to take the opportunity to deepen my Religion”

“The Atmosphere here is Magical! »

Laughter, Good humor, the Pleasure of being together.

“I was very touched when we were blessed”

“Our realities as young people are different, but we essentially share the same concerns for Nature and Development, the need for Peace in the face of Conflicts and Wars”

Yesterday when the Priest blessed us, I was very touched. »

In another Team, a young person assured us: “Coming to WYD allowed me to meet Nathalie”.

To the Young Mennaisians of the World: “Let’s meet again! »

Young Mennaisians, let’s help sow hope!

The opportunity is also too good to send a message to  other young Mennaisians of the World.

“Young Mennaisians!

Let’s meet at the next WYD.

It’s such a moment of brotherhood!

Come and live your Faith and realize

that you are not alone in believing in God!

Participate in an upcoming Meeting:

it is to discover, to want and to build a World of Hope. »

How not to make a link to the General Chapter of the Brothers which will take place in Rome next March on the theme: “Servants of Hope”!

Report produced with the collaboration of Camille Guitton, Claire Tanguy, Arnaud Morandeau, Corentin Ogier, Elise Urvoas, Br. James Hayes, Br. Rafa Alonso, Br. Justino de Santiago, Michel Tanguy.

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