Here are Bros. Valmyr DABEL, Vincent BARIGYE,  Michel GUYOMARC’H et Claude GELINAS.

The Chapter is organized into 5 commissions with the theme “New paths of fraternity”.

These paths are marked by reviewing the following major themes: Brothers in community, Educational Mission, Vocations, Mennaisian Family and Young Mennaisians …

Everyone expresses himself in his language; many orientations and concrete proposals are formulated.

Each editorial committee’s mission is to constitute an inspiring text from the 5 commissions. Here are Bros. James HAYES, Miguel ARISTONDO, Rémy HAREL, Pierre LEBLANC with Bro Gildas PRIGENT.

In the end, how to translate these expressions into common texts without fading the momentum and the originality of ideas?

It is all the work of the two editorial boards that want to both keep the power of ideas and bring together a common message that gives strength.


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