The Mennaisian Week and the Great Novena of November are now and resources can be useful on this topic, now and after.

Below you will receive a treasure box, a platform as an invitation to draw and share these tools for teams, communities, schools, mennaisian groups… to live fully these days from November 18 to 26 and beyond.

Here is the link:

These tools – pictures, videos, audio, digital, text – are available on this website

They are presented here differently. Bro Hervé Asse, General Secretary of the Congregation of the Brothers, also helped to bring these tools together with the La Mennais information department. Not all existing achievements are listed here: it is not a dictionary, it is a toolbox.

Above all, this resource platform is expected to be enriched by YOUR achievements.

In Bolivia, under the benevolent gaze of Father de la Mennais.

You already produce number of documents and productions – bravo! – They are even more useful when they are shared.

Finally, the information about what you experience at home is always received with joy! 2 photos and 5 lines: it is essential.

Great week!

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