“Together Build” is the Theme experienced by the 1053 Students of the Collège Ste Marie de Vitré, at the Jacques Duhamel Cultural Center during the 3rd Edition of Mennaisian Day on January 30th . It was inspired by the Year’s Theme of  the La Mennais France Network. Discovery of the many Guests and Solidarity Actions carried out including a Gourmet Concert this March 22nd 2024.

« Tous les enfants font des rêves, pour certains c’est vital de les réaliser »

The common Theme of this day was Introduced by Frédéric Roux, Brittany representative of the “Les petits princes” Association which allows Sick and Hospitalized Children throughout France to realize their Biggest Dream. The “Sainte Marie School Ensemble” has decided this year to come to the aid of this Association and to help it Financially by organizing a “Gourmand Concert” Evening in this same Cultural Center on Friday March 22nd 2024.

The Profits from this Evening will be divided between the APEL Parents’ Association and the Little Princes Association. Many students were touched by this presentation and were able to ask many questions.

“Let us all stand together in the face of Ordinary Sentences”

Students of Form 4 started the day with the Slammer Eureka. Coming specially from Lyon, he allowed the students to know a little more about the History of the Slam, from Creation to Interpretation and he allowed the 270 Students present to compose a Slam Together.

The result was striking! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRJ6gWW6bxE

Live Creation with the Slammer Eureka.

Then, André Goussé, Retired Middle School Teacher, came to present the History of Our School to Students of Form 6. Many questions, and a Cartoon retracing the History of Our Founder Jean-Marie de la Mennais closed this morning. A truly Historic Moment.

“It’s not the Street that is poverty, it is its Consequences”Collective of 6

At the beginning of the Afternoon, we welcomed “The Collective of 6”. They lived on the Streets, experienced Addictions, and answered life’s Call to escape. After a short Film shot in Rennes, the students of Form 3 were able to talk with 5 Members of this Collective who came specially to meet us to testify about their Fight to get by. A Moving Moment.

Strong Testimonies with Collective 6.

“In Sports, we have Adversaries, not Enemies” Brother James Hayes

Brother James recounted his practice of Sports and presented the Momentum of the Olympic Games in France.

Finally, the Students of Form 5 welcomed Brother James Hayes. Brother of the Mennaisian Network, in the Community in Châteaulin (29), Bro James is a Passionate Sportsman and Volunteer at the Olympic Games. He awakened us to the Beauty of Sporting Achievement, taught us the Values of Paralympic Sport, and was able to share with us his Passion for Music.

In parallel with what the Middle School Students were experiencing, the Sainte Marie School also spent a Mennaisian afternoon this January 30th . Several Brothers made the Trip to meet the students, who were able to learn a little more through a big game organized throughout the School.

4 Brothers – here: Bros James HAYES, Gabriel DOUAUD, Jean-Noël LEBLAY, Henri-Marie BESNARD – were present at this beautiful day and involved in the Workshops and the Big Game.

Finally, each student was able to leave with a message of Peace, written by a School or College Student on a kapla, some of which were used to build the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral in January.

A message of Peace was written on a kapla.

All these wonderful encounters will remain engraved in the Memories of Our Students and the Adults who accompanied them.

Corentin OGIER

School Pastoral Assistant 

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