It was a Great opportunity to rejoice for the Educational team of the Lycée La Mennais of Ploërmel, France, led by Véronique Calas. The Lycée has 1,726 young people.

The Newspaper “Aujourd’hui en France–Le Parisien” in its publication dated on Wednesday, March 29th  – pages 8 and 9 – placed the Establishment in 5th place in its Annual List of Awards totaling 1,000 Private Schools of France!

Pull Youth up

What are the criteria used by the Newspaper?

Frédéric Gouaillard, Jounalist at “Parisien-Aujourd’hui” in France, explained the Criteria: – the Ability to Support and Advance teenagers from their First year to the doors of the University; – “at the Baccalaureate, calculated according to the level at the end of College ; – and the Social profile. If the School does better, it is because it has managed to pull its students up.”

New responses to the needs of young people

Renovation of the Technical areas of the School, Projects of New Training tracks, Prospective studies for New developments: so many Projects that are underway.

Véronique CALAS, Headmaster of Lycée La Mennais, Ploërmel, France.

“We are committed to undertaking New responses to the needs of young people and their families,” Véronique Calas stressed.

Congratulations and Encouragement to the entire Educational team, and naturally to the young people, families and partners!

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