Since the opening celebration on March 1st, each day is marked by the liturgy of the Hours and the celebration of the Eucharist.


Gestures to translate a listening and an internal availability…

Among the invited Eucharistic celebrants of the Chapter, we find: Cardinal JOAO BRAZ DE AVIZ, Préfet de la CISVA, Fr. Manuel CORTES, Superior General of the Marianists


Cardinal JOAO BRAZ DE AVIZ, Préfet de la CISVA

F. Bruno CADORE, Maître général des dominicains.

Fr. Bruno CADORE, General Minister of the Dominicans, several priests of the community of the Fathers of Picpus (neighbors of the FIC Generalate House).

Among the words heard during times of prayer, we find:

“This day is given to us as a time of blessing. “

“We are invited to feel the presence of the Lord. “

The lights of the chapel sparkle according to the movement of the sun during the day.



“Let us bring a conversion to the fraternity. “

“God is here. “

“Come here to feel a presence that consoles, heals and supports.”


Songs in chorus or to meditate and listen to …

Reciting the psalms in two choruses, alternating the offices with the three languages, gestured expressions while listening to music, exchanged gestures of fraternity, long periods of silence and meditation … so many opportunities to unite prayer with songs, readings, attitudes.

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