Welcome Everyone! The 63 Members Participating and invited to the Chapter met around Brother Hervé Zamor, Superior General. He recalls the Missions of this Authoritative Assembly.

Brother Hervé Zamor: “Only the Spirit can help us walk together.”

“Here we are called and summoned. Here we are gathered by the Lord, from all Sectors of the Institute, invited to live together. Like One Heart and One Soul. Only the Holy Spirit can help us Walk Together.

The presence of 6 Young Brothers and 6 Lay Members of the International Commission is a clear sign of our desire to Walk and Build Together. Our brotherhood must become Our Language.

A New Union Treaty in Mennaisian Family Mode

Our Synodal Pedagogy is a Mode of Action in Faith. Here we are arranged in Small Groups on a Table like a Banquet which connects us to the Eucharist. It is also a response to Individualism.

The Cornerstone of being Servants of Hope is to listen to Ourselves, by decentering ourselves. The Conversion Experience of Jean-Marie de la Mennais was the Cradle of Our Congregation.

May this Chapter write a New Union Treaty in Mennaisian Family Mode.”

After this Introduction by the Brother Superior General, a Vote was taken signifying the Official Opening of the General Chapter.

It’s now done: It’s Open!

Brother Claude Grégoire, General Treasurer, monitors each of the Chapter’s Electronic Votes. Below: 43 Votes: It’s Open!

The 6 Elected Officers of the Chapter

In the afternoon, the Team of “Officers” of the Chapter were elected by the 43 Capitulants with the Right to Vote.

Here are the Election Results:

Host: Bro. Yannick HOUSSAY

Moderators: Bro. Mario HOULE and Vincent SSEKATE

Tellers: Bro. Michel GUYOMARC’H and Josu OLABARRIETA

Secretary of the Chapter: Brother Hervé ASSE

Brother Yannick HOUSSAY, on the left, Elected leader of the Chapter.

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