What an inspiring figure! Priority to young people, to tools to make it known and to introduce a path of Beatification. Energy was at the rendezvous this Wednesday, February 8th at the Motherhouse of Ploërmel, France, during the general Assembly of the Association of Gabriel Deshayes’ Friends. With 40 members, it wants to undertake many initiatives to share the energy of this Founder all over the World. Explanations.

Gabriel: one day declared holy?

Are we heading for a Historic breakthrough? In gestation for years, the Introduction of the Cause of Beatification of Gabriel Deshayes by the Bishop of the place of his death – this is the custom, that is, the Diocese of Luçon in Vendée, is progressing step by step. At the initiative of the Montfort Fathers, a contact took place between Bishop Jacolin of Luçon and Bishop Centène of Vannes.

The latter should be seized of the file of the Cause by Mgr Jacolin and be able to open an official request. A confirmation of Bishop Centène is expected soon. A team would then be formed around a Postulator and that would be a Historic step!

Gabriel: coach of my youth life!

You read it right. You’re not dreaming!

A 2-hour workshop around «Gabriel Deshayes, Coach of my life» will be experimented with young people from BTS Commercial management – MCO- of Lycée La Mennais de Ploërmel, by next May.

The goal is to enable the 20-year-old students to identify their strengths and to draw inspiration from the methods of Gabriel, a Human resources Coach, with keys to carry out their Projects. A link would also be made with the former CEO of Danone, marked by deep humanist values.

The Gabriel Album is out!

“Gabriel Deshayes, sower of life”: have you read it? Last year’s Album is out!

A new edition is planned while an English version has been released and another is being printed by St-Gabriel Brothers in India. The question of a Breton version arises. Similarly, a need to have Pictures or Bookmarks is expressed.

The Album Gabriel Deshayes. A version in French, English and in Breton maybe soon.

These tools would include a visual on the cover of the Album, a short Biography and the reduced text of the prayer addressed to the «sower of life». A reflection is also undertaken for symbolic objects evoking Gabriel and intended for children and young people.

Gabriel is his name

There are opportunities to name different places with the surname of Father Deshayes. A reflection is under way to name the new Parish of Auray with a number of other Parishes, but also the House of the Diaconate of Auray.

Auray: at the heart of Gabriel Deshayes’ life.

For its part, the Gabriel Deshayes Association based in Brech announces, this spring, the opening of the tea salon «Ti Gabriel» at the shrine of Ste-Anne d’Auray. It will be led by ESAT teams composed of workers with disabilities.

Gabriel in the open!

Public Information Panels, installed in the open air and readable by all, could be proposed in Beignon, Auray, Ploërmel, St-Gildas-des-Bois, Ste-Anne d’Auray and St-Laurent-sur-Sèvre. They would present in an attractive way the life and action of the sower of life in each of these places. Contacts are ongoing.

The project of a statue bearing the name of Gabriel Deshayes is also to be explored in connection with the Valley of the saints of Carnoët, Côtes d’Armor. Contact would be made by summer.

Will Jean-Marie de la Mennais, sculpted here in the Valley of Saints, be joined by his friend Gabriel Deshayes, like a bird that carries Education beyond the Seas?

Soon also Gabriel Deshayes at the Valley of Saints? A crazy bet that can become reality… Photo DR

The fertile energy of the 5 Congregations linked to Fr. Gabriel

The leaders of the Daughters of Wisdom, the Brothers of Saint Gabriel, the Sisters of Christian Instruction of St Gildas, the Brothers of Christian Instruction – La Mennais, Ploërmel and the Montfort Missionaries – Fathers and Brothers of the Society of Mary will be seized of these various projects so that the planned achievements can be carried out mutually.

In the end, an Assembly of contagious energy driven by the Spirit that moves deep and deep.

In practice.

The Association’s Board of Directors was confirmed. It is composed of: Father Gaétan LUCAS, President, Bernard JAIN, Vice-President, Bro Gabriel RIVIERE, fic, Treasurer, Bro Claude LAUNAY, fic, Secretary, André BOULAIRE, Marie-Claire LE BOURSICAUD, Michel TANGUY and a representative of each of the 5 Congregations linked to Gabriel Deshayes.

Special thanks were given to Laurent BREUREC, a long-time member of the Council and to F. Christian BIZON, fsg, Tireless Artisan of the links with the 5 Congregations and the meetings in St-Laurent-sur-Sèvre.

Contact of the Association Amis Gabriel Deshayes: claudelaunay2@orange.fr

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