200 years ago, the first Sisters pronounced their official vows.

Bicentenary in a row! The Daughters of Providence of Saint-Brieuc founded by Jean-Marie de la Mennais and the first Mothers marked on this March 25th the 200 years of their Official Consecration.

“For the interest, affection and protection of Father de la Mennais for our first Sisters, for those who have walked in their steps over the past two centuries, let us live this March 25th  in Thanksgiving!” stressed Sr Huguette Provost, Superior General.

On March 25th, 1821, the first Sisters, Marie-Anne Cartel, Marie Connan, Fanny Chaplain and Esther Beauchemin, consecrated themselves to the Lord by pronouncing their vows and receiving their Constitutions from Father de la Mennais as Daughters of Providence.

The Sisters also received the Constitutions of the Congregation.

The reading of the primitive Rule of Life indicated the views of the Founder, writes Fr. Laveille, in the book “Jean-Marie de la Mennais”. What he wanted was a Congregation appropriate to the needs of the new times, which could help him in his mission of “raising up ruins”, and work, without arousing distrust in the various works of charity inspired by the circumstances. An article assigned Education of young people as the only purpose of the new Society. Abbé Jean later added these words: “Without excluding the other good works that zeal can suggest, according to time and place.”

On December 25th ,1818, the first Sisters secretly pronounced an act of Consecration to God and signed it on December 31st.

The first Sisters pronounced their secret consecration in 1818 in front of this statue.

The Sisters then settled on October 11th , 1820 in the former property of the Ursulines at Saint-Brieuc, which became Providence. On November 21, 1822, the Sisters took their special costume.

The Boarding School of Providence in Saint-Brieuc settled in the former enclosure of the Ursulines. Today, the School continues its activity with dynamism.

After the celebration of St Joseph, patron of the Congregation, on March 19th , the reasons for rejoicing continued for the Sisters.

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