RFFFCelebration at the St-Martin Community of Josselin, France, this December 7th ,2023! Families, Brothers, Friends, Staff and the 44 Residents celebrated the Centenary of Brother René Jaïn. Encounter.

“I’m surprised to be here!” » assured F. René Jaïn, when asked about what it means to him to be a Hundred Years Old. Are there any Secrets to getting to this stage? “I don’t know,” he continued. Are there Family Genes that explain the situation? Without a doubt. “It’s a Family Specialty,” commented Bro Louis Balanant, Archivist of the Province, during the Toast during the Meal, “since you have Two Older Sisters over 100 Years Old: Germaine, 102 Years Old, here present, your cousin Anne, 104 Years Old, also present here and your Sister, Religious of the Holy Spirit, living in Ste-Anne d’Auray and aged 101 Years Old.

A Feat for Brother René: Opportunity to share Joy.

In the Congregation you are on the 16th to Achieve this Feat of being a Centenarian and in France-England Province, you are the 3rd after Brothers René-Maurice ALLORY and Alain PAUBERT.

Places that marked his life? “St Anne la Palud,” he assured us straight away, “then St-Pol de Léon where I have Good Memories.”

“Born on December 7th, 1923 in Plonévez-Porzay, Southern Finistère, you attended the School of the Brothers in Douarnenez and, in 1940, the Novitiate of the Brothers in Jersey,” continued Brother Louis Balanant. The Teaching Career then followed for 46 years: Plouvorn, Pleyben, Douarnenez, Audierne, St-Renan, St-Pol-de-Léon, Plogonnec, Tréboul – where he remained for 19 years -, Roscoff: The Entire Journey took place in the Finistère. You joined Josselin in 2017.”

With the Bros Bernard Prigent and François Le Goff, in 2017 in Roscoff.

At the Community of Roscoff, in 2013.

Brother René at the Community of Roscoff, Finistère, in 2009.

Birds and Yellow Cyclamen

“Brother René, you were a Teacher loved by his students. Your Class exuded Freedom and Confidence as well as Order and Respect. And your Natural Inclinations for Nature, its Flowers – “Yellow Cyclamen are my favorite”, assured the Centenarian! – and its Birds, the Winds and the Seasons, the Land and the Sea – especially in Tréboul – all of this was reflected in your Teaching. »

In Tréboul, the Fruit of the Work of Brother René. Photo Bro Jean-Yves Mingant

Bro René in Roscoff in 2009. “I think you will leave with a bouquet! “.

The Eucharistic Celebration of Thanksgiving was followed by the Festive Meal for the Community, the Superior of who is Br. Denis Chamaret and the Director of the retirement home, Mrs. Karine Bienvenu.

Brother René, surrounded by one of his Sisters and a Cousin, both Centenarians, with part of the Staff Team from Maison St-Martin in Josselin.

His Family sang the Breton song “Kousk Breizh Izel” Dors ma Bretagne”, knowing their attachment to the Beauty of their Mother Tongue.

The Family of Brother René sings the Breton Song. In the foreground on the left, Bro Louis Balanant.

Two other Songs led by Brother André Guerlais – one of which was inspired by a Song by Brother Louis Le Guichet – enlivened the Meal.

The St-Martin Choir at Work! Do you recognize them?

Next Meeting in St-Martin? Brother François Pichard smiles: “I am training for July 20, 2026. Be patient! »


Ouest-France of December 9

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Bro. René and his neighbor, also a Centenarian, had a taste for singing in Breton

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