“United hearts”. It was the expression used by the group of 15 young Mennaisians from Spain and France, accompanied by Iván and the Brothers Rafa, Pierre and James. They recently had an unforgettable experience hiking on the Camino de Santiago from Saint-Jean -Pied-de-Port (France) to Puente la Reina (Spain) from the 17th to the 23rd of last April 2022. Good weather and Sunshine were not on the Menu during the first 3 days. These Beautiful days of Fraternal sharing, Communion and Friendship will remain in their hearts, even if the Sun was not at the rendez-vous on the way. Let us go!

The toughness of the Camino route left its mark as well as the collective effort of overcoming tiredness and other difficulties, the hours of walking together and sharing our Dreams and Hopes. The joys of each small achievement, of each step taken, of arriving at the night’s Pilgrim refuge will also remain.

They will likewise never forget the afternoon spent in Volunteer service of the Community of the Elderly in a Retirement Home in Pamplona… Life is not about walking alone, but about walking with others, with all those you meet, and above all about helping those who need you the most, those who are alone or sad.

“Spending the afternoon with the Elderly people was exactly what we needed  to forget the pain in our feet and recover the energy necessary for the last day of hiking,” commented one of the young people.

Our united hearts

“The experience of meeting one another, of being able to understand each other without needing to speak the same language, of becoming friends and of our hearts being united by our shared Mennaisian roots, that’s what I remember from these days,” said Miriam.

For María, “The Camino was an Adventure in which we were able to get to know each other, disconnect from our daily routines, reconnect with what is important, reflect on our lives… We could live simply from our Mennaisian Identity, providing a sense of belonging and a desire to live it out ever more fully.”

“I came home with a head full of Wonderful memories. Thank you all for these moments of Sharing, Joy, Discussions, Songs, Games and more! This Group, with its different Personalities, will remain in my heart and the Camino will remain an important moment in my life’s journey.” (Camille)

Informations via Bro Justino Santiago – Photos via the participants


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