Retreat 1820 – Auray

Celebration suggested to the Mennaisian Family

200 years in Congo RDC and 50 years of the BIC in the country

200 years in Alfred, Maine, USA.


200 years at La Prairie, Canada

200 ans à Larantuka, et engagements de jeunes Frères

200 ans à YOKOHAMA( Japon)

Photo prise lors de la célébration du 200 ème anniversaire de la fondation de l’Institut,(le 18 juin avec plus de 30 participants). Membres présents: Mennaisiens de Tokyo, Shizuoka et Yokohama, Les frères présents : FF Thomas Tremblay, Michel Beaudoin, Marcel Villlemure, Deogratias. Célébration a Yokohama, en présence des deux directeurs de nos écoles japonaises. Mr. Kudo et son épouse, Mr. Okamura (Shizuoka)


Discover all the messages # lamennais200 about the Bicentenary

Bicentenary at St Brieuc – 6th June, 2019

Opening of the Bicentenary, 2nd June, 2019


Weekend of Brotherhood / Tournament of the Bicentenary in Port-au-Prince (Haïti)


other photos

17-18-19 May, 2019 :  St Jean-Baptiste Province, Educational Congress and celebration of the bicentenary of the Congregation.


A beautiful initiative for the 200 th
in Polinesia !

See also the interview at the Polinesian Television of Bro Maxime CHAN, April th 30th, 2019 : (11’20” to 16′)


6th JUNE 2018 : INAUGURATION of the 2nd YEAR of the BICENTENARY

As last year, it is a video-message made by the Superior general, that opens this second step towards the celebration of the bicentenary of the Congregation.

You will find this video on the first page of the Website.

Link to download the text of this video-message.



Listen and see!  30  testimonies from members of the Chapter…

They tell in a few words, especially to the young brothers in formation, what they lived during those three weeks of chpater :

Interview of Brother Hervé Zamor, by RCF (French speaking and christian radio) – 7′


Live again every important moment of this important time of the congregation by reading the news  of the Website or on the Facebook page of the Website…


You will find the photos of this great event, day after day : >>>

6th JUNE 2017 : Inauguration of the Bicentenary

A video message from Bro Superior General gives the meaning of this first year :  discerning together (scrutinising the horizon ).

La Mennais Magazine (N° 34 – March 2017) developed more the theme of this first year.

The 6th June recalls the date of the signing of the Treaty of Union between Jean-Marie de la Mennais and Gabriel Deshayes. This signature signified their common decision to found our Congregation.

Today we want to celebrate this founding event to give thanks for the gift God has given us through this foundation and for the 200 years of our “holy history” . For this purpose, the General Council proposes to you to follow this itinerary in three stages, the first of which will begin in June 2017 and will lead us to the General Chapter.

Lord Jesus, 200 years ago,
Jean-Marie de la Mennais and Gabriel Deshayes
saw the distress of children and of young people,
“who were like sheep without a shepherd.”

Today, enlighten us and let us hear the cry of those
who are still waiting for pastors with a generous heart.

Grant to all members of the Mennaisian family
to rely on your mercy, in the unity of the same family.
And give us the joy and the faith of writing a new page for the mission.

May the prayer of Mary
help us to walk together in the paths of peace,
and to announce with joy the Good News to the poor.

God Alone in time!
God Alone in eternity!

(Extracts of the Prayer of the Bicentenary)

Celebration of  May 10, 1817

This celebration will mark May 10, the date of the first meeting of the two founders, May 10, 1817. At the same time, it will be a first step in the celebrations of the Bicentenary.

You will find below elements to prepare this celebration :

  • Possible songs : “Standing on the Shoulders” ; or some others…
  • Pictures for a slideshow : SAINT-BRIEUC : 1 2345  ; AURAY : 123  ; SIGNATURES : 12 ; ST JEAN-BAPTISTE DE LA SALLE : 12 ; ABBE TRESVAUX ; FOUNDERS: 1234 :
  • Elements to realise a page mark,  anniversary of May 10th, 1817 : example of page mark ; or with the elements above.

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