Bro. Hervé Zamor among the children. Here with Ninon, Rose-Anne and Adam.

A marathon! After the launch of the Mennaisian French Educational Congress on Friday 17th May 2019 — see the presentation in the previous news on the site – the festivities continued at an accelerated pace this Saturday and Sunday at the Mother House of Ploërmel. Overview in pictures …

+ Rev. Bro. Hervé Zamor: Are we ready for a new page? In his message to the assembly, Brother Hervé Zamor, Superior General, questioned the needs of children and young people today, inviting them to answer them in an integral and audacious way.

5 elements indicate the course in the spirit of the general chapter of the Congregation:

To live in the Mennaisian Family mode: to learn to go together with Christ, passionately

To cultivate fraternity that brings peace, justice, respect for nature and creation. « Fraternity is our vocation and our mission if we want to be meaningful for young people today. »

Return to the source, a place to quench your thirst. Risking the encounter in projects that strengthen: «Let’s become experts in relation »

To dare the peripheries: the most fragile are everywhere school, family in our communities, open our hearts to love them, and our hands to serve them.

He made an appointment in 2069 for 250 years!

+ Teach: practices, ethics. Eirick Prairiat spoke on ethics for teachers, kindness and tact. “Well in her mind, well in her class” was presented by Danielle Adad and Pascal Bihannic while Dominique Bucheton spoke on “being present to everyone and building the collective” and Bertrand Bergier “How to live well together? “. These interventions were supplemented by questions and answers.

Eirick Prairiat «Growing benevolence, tact and ethics »..

How to nourish the personal reflections, and adjust our  practices while aiming at the well-being for oneself and the young people.

+ With the joy and humour. We are immersed in the live channel La Mennais TV throughout the 3 days. The programmes and games follow one another to present both the orientations of the Chapter Assembly of the Province and the presentation of all the realities of the Mennaisian Family as a constellation.

Songs with Patrick Richard and a team …

A cake worth 200 years!

Des jeux et des animations pour partager des convictions et des projets.

This resulted in a lot of joy and humour, with the participation of young animators from La Mennais Jeunesse, members of Estival, teachers, lay associates of the Brothers and many others … On the occasion of the Congress, the Tutelle team hailed the years of work done by two of its members on the occasion of their departure for new missions: Bro. Thierry Beauplet and Joseph Fauchoux, Secretary General.

Bro. Thierry Beauplet, in the service of the Tutelle for years. He becomes Director of St Donatien College in Derval.

Joseph Fauchoux, Secretary General of the Educational Network La Mennais France coordinated the new orientations.

+ Of beauty and of creation. Throughout the day on Saturday, a tent of the meeting, a wooden kiosk was assembled from scratch by teams of volunteers: young people, lay people, Brothers … The ribbon was cut and a moment of meditation on the strength and the meaning of a tent has opened horizons. May everything that is exchanged be a source of peace and fertility!

Un kiosque, tente de la parole, est né dans le parc de la Maison-mère, construit en 8 heures par toute une équipe!

At dusk, after the premiere screening of the film “Growing up. 200 years of education La Mennais “, a multi-talent juggler -Gusto- has thrilled the assembly. In spite of a few drops shortly before the night was illuminated with an unprecedented fireworks at the Mother House. An atmosphere of Bicentenary!

Un breton entêté! Une création scénique exceptionnelle sur Jean-Marie de la Mennais signée Pierre Grandry

“Jean-Marie : un breton entêté!” A deux reprises une création théâtrale a été présentée en prélude à l’ouverture du Bicentenaire. Elle a donné une profondeur et un élan. Pierre Grandry et Philippe Cherdrel accompagnés d’Angel Villart à l’accordéon ont incarné avec talent Jean-Marie de la Mennais, Gabriel Deshayes et Féli, les Frères. Ce spectacle inspirant peut être joué à la demande dans les écoles et aussi dans les communes, paroisses. Contact :

And how not to salute the energy of the preparatory team of this Congress gathered around the Brother Provincial and led by François Péron who knew how to call upon professionals such as Jean Baptiste Percier notably for the unpublished technical follow-up of the army volunteers of good will!

+ Celebrations in a rejuvenated Chapel. While the new development sites mark the completion of a new stage, the Chapel has found a new youth: stained glass, foundations, walls, pillars, sound, choirs have been the subject of a deep renewal. The closing celebration marked this new youth at the dawn of the official opening of the Bicentenary.

François Péron, in charge of school life in the supervision team: coordination and unflinching energy for three days.

Rendez-vous to all of you at the Mother House !

Exit in farandole at the end of the celebration.

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