Words from Brothers and young people in formation

“I like very much their way of living. They like to be active; they are audacious, united, joyful, and optimistic. As for us, the adults, we have a lot to learn from them. It would be good that our educational centres, our communities are for the young people a greater presence, a greater participation.” Bro. Carlos, Argentina-Chile

“Their honesty, the confidence that they put in us, the desire of dedicating their life to a noble cause. ”
Bro. Franz, Schoslasticate of Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Photo Ce qui me frappe A+ Jeunes du Sénégal

“In them, as in us, are mixed great riches and immense weaknesses, generosity and anxiety of solitude, desire and disgust… ” Brothers, Rennes, France

“The world presents them with antivalues for values “.
Bro. Eric, Bunia, Congo RDC

“They look without seeing anything. They look for a spring which can quench their thirst for God. ” Jean-François, Haiti

Photo Ce qui me frappe B + Ecole Luis Espinal. El Alto. Bolivie

“The young people have a sense and a need of belonging to. ” Bro. Israel, Philippines

“What strikes me is their presence within the Christian communities. This proves that they are searching for something. “ Bro. Augustin, Ivory Coast

“What is interesting is their enthusiasm: this is very good and has a lot of value.”
Bro Blasius, Manila, Philippines


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