+ FROM ABIDJAN. “We have interesting exchanges”

“The news allows us to follow with great interest the progress of the chapter …

The scholastics of Gabriel Deshayes are interested and go onto the site … which gives rise to interesting exchanges.

Moreover, at the end of the week, we should be able to send a small document if ever our technical means allow us to get something audible!

From the heart with the capitulants through prayer.

Bro. Claude (replacing, in Abidjan) »


Brothers from Mother-House, La Prairie, Québec, Canada.

+ FROM LA PRAIRIE, QUEBEC, CANADA. “We pray for the success of the Chapter”

Congratulations for the cover of the Chapter on the Congregation’s site.

The Chapter’s info is alive!

We are in the era of images, and the photos are worth many words to put us in the proper mood.

Brothers who have access to the internet explore the site.

Copies of pictures and texts are made available to the Brothers of the Mother House who are not connected. Everyone can enjoy it.

We pray regularly for the success of the Chapter.

Bro. Jacques LEMIRE

+ FROM POINTE DU LAC, QUEBEC, CANADA. “A notebook for the Brothers”

“I started to make a notebook for the Brothers every day and I intend to continue to supply it as the Chapter unfolds. “Bro. Marcel LAFRANCE


News from General Chapter -link with www.lamennais.org- also on the spanish website.










+ FROM SPAIN. News from the Chapter on the Nuestra Señiora del Pilar Province website








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