Yesterday, Saturday, November 3rd, the BAND FM of the young people of Huatusco began its second year at John-Paul II Centre, from 4:30 pm to 10 pm.

The organisation committee made of some young people, Martha and Carlos (a couple of two Laymen of the ‘ Mennaisian Family of the adults ‘) and of Bro. Mario, had met together a few weeks ago to prepare this meeting; and this morning, Saturday, they finalised the last culinary details for the dinner.

The objective of the meeting was to make memory of the past, to receive the newcomers and to launch the main lines for the year to come.

The participants of the Banda FM are young people who are at the end of their studies at the secondary school, the students who are registered in other cities but who come back to Huatusco for holidays, as well as some young professionals or workers of the city. Many of them were animators of the Arca of Noë – Summer camps for children and teenagers of Huatusco. According to Jean-Marie de la Mennais’ advice “to have a catholic heart” (universal one), they invited other young people, who participate in the project of Reconstruction of the Social fabric, managed by a Jesuit father.

By remembering what they lived, a feeling of profound gratitude invaded all the group. It is touching to see young people who look for ways of meeting, of brotherhood, at the service of the young. Young people who widen their look and want to commit themselves so that the world changes with a faith which does not remain superficial, a faith only in words which would eventually tire and reduce the horizon of their heart.

The most striking note of the meeting was the simplicity in everything, in the participation and the welcome. The young people of the Banda FM of the last year gave their testimony. The young people of the project of Reconstruction of the Social fabric helped us to create the spiritual communion and shared to us their art by musical creations. The Brothers felt at home, not only because they welcomed but because they shared simply their life with the young people, a natural environment for all Mennaisian people.

The moment of the prayer connected the Christian faith with the roots of an ancestral culture around a Mayan altar and strengthened the links which unite us with so many centuries of history, with creation and with the Creator.

The dinner was an opportunity of knowing ourselves better, in an atmosphere where there was no protocol in the sharing.

I am more and more convinced that we shall be capable of inventing new ways of brotherhood if we recognise ourselves as sons of the same Father, finding the dynamics of the Gospel of Jesus in our days.

To stay in harmony with the young people and the Gospel will allow Mennaisians the world over to find the wavelength required for the loudspeakers of the brotherhood.

Guillermo Dávila, Huatusco

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