For an hour, this Friday, March 2nd, Bro. Yannick HOUSSAY, Superior General, presented his Report of the last six years to the Capitulants.

Bro. Yannick HOUSSAY, Superior General, presented his Report to the Capitulants with a personal interpretation.



The 50-page substantial document has three purposes:

+ To present the Congregation today, with its challenges and weaknesses, as the Superior General perceives it.

+ To outline a report in the light of the 2012 Chapter Acts

+ To nourish the prayer and reflection of the Capitulants so that they can listen to the calls of the Spirit.

Bro. Yannick also recalled that this Chapter corresponds to the 50th anniversary of the 1st session of the renovation chapter held in Jersey in 1968. We will have the opportunity to come back to this on the site.

To reread the past six years and contribute to the reflection of the Capitulants: this is what matters in the Report.

At this moment, it is not a matter of reporting the content of the Report, but of presenting the main points of the Summary.

  1. The Congregation today.

Our Mennaisian vocation: gift to welcome, to develop, to transmit.

The Mennaisian presence in the world

2.- The last 6 years re-read in the light of the 2006 Chapter

The vocation and mission of the Brother in community

The animation of Provinces and Districts

Christian education of children and young people

Young people and the discernment of vocations

Initial formation

The Mennaisian Family: communion for the mission

The service of the poor

Some specific points: child protection, Rule of life and structures of the congregation, communication and information, archives and historical studies, Mother House of Ploërmel.




Christian education of children and young people. Here with eduction teams in France.

Two points of attention again about this presentation:

Br. Superior General relied on the documents of the Vatican Commission of Consecrated Life – “Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life” – CICLSAL, and expressed his vision, his analysis and personal suggestions on the above points.

Finally, let us quote one of the sentences of the document Scrutate – published by the CICLSAL -, quoted above in the report: “We are not called to be guides overwhelmed and preoccupied by the administrative aspect, but to a service of the authority which indicates, with an evangelical clarity, the way to go together, in the unity of hearts, in a fragile present where the future is in the making.”



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