Charlton House Independent School in Southampton was relaunched and opened last September. Families trusted this work and wanted it to continue.

Charlton House Independent School offers Reception, Education and Follow-up of children in good conditions.

In addition, the compound of St Mary’s College in Southampton was sold last January. The purchaser is an Association whose mission is to serve children with various kinds of disabilities (autism, etc.). The Educational work of the Brothers continueddifferently with other actors.

However, the closure of the Community of Liverpool was decided by the Provincial Council of Saint John the Baptist Province, with the agreement of the Superior General and his council. The decision was taken unimously by the Brothers of Liverpool, measuring the impossibility for the Congregation to keep a significant presence in England in the present situation.

The 4 Brothers will leave their Community next summer, at the end of this School year. They will join other Communities in the Province.

On the other hand, for the time being, the Province retains the Trusteeship of St Francis Xavier’s College in Liverpool.

We shall come back onto the rich history of the Brothers in England.

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