On this Palm Sunday in a deserted St Peter’s Square, Pope Francis addressed especially young people on this day dedicated to them.

Here we illustrate scenes of the Holy Week from the stained glass windows of the Chapel of the Juniorate Notre Dame of Châteaulin, – Finistère, France- made by Maurice Rocher, as a hymn to light.

« To love, to pray, to forgive, to take care of others, in family as in society, can cost. This may seem like a way of the cross. But the path of service is the victorious path that has saved us and saved our lives.

I would like to say this especially to young people on this Day which has been dedicated to them for 35 years.

Dear friends, look at the real heroes who are appearing on these days: they are not those who have fame, money and success, but those who give themselves to serve others. Feel called to put your life on the line.

Do not be afraid to spend it for God and for others, you will win! Because life is a gift that is received by giving oneself.»

Today, in the drama of the pandemic, in the face of so many certainties that are crumbling, in the face of so many betrayed expectations, in the sense of a abandonment that shakes our hearts, Jesus says to each one of us: Courage. Open your heart to my love. You will feel the consolation of God, who sustains you».

Chapel of the Notre Dame, Penfeunteun, Châteaulin, France. A hymn to the light

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