The Newly Professed with the Novitiate Formation Team

Three of them made their first vows on September 8th, 2022 in Dalwak, near Dapaong, Togo. On the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Brothers Jean Baptiste BASONEA (DRC), Narcisse ABAMBA (Benin) and Samuel TONAHA (DRC) freely chose to take their first steps in the Brothers’ Congregation. They spent a year learning to follow Christ, in the manner of John Mary of the Mennais, in the service of children and young people, especially the poorest. Earlier, on August 25th,2022 Eric and Richard began their Formation at the Dapaong Novitiate.

The Newly Professed, from left to right the Bros Jean Baptiste, Narcisse and Samuel

The Dalwak Reception and Prayer House in the Diocese of Dapaong hosted this Celebration presided over by Fr Pascal DJIBONGUE, Parish priest of Saint Paul Apostle of the Nations, in the presence of several Brothers of the Congregation, friends, relatives and acquaintances of the future Professed.

At the beginning of his homily, the celebrant did not fail to emphasize the active presence of the Brothers in the Parishes of the Diocese and their commitment to the Apostolate through the Schools for which they are responsible and through the Catechesis of children and young people.

He stressed that the Nativity of the Virgin Mary that we are celebrating on this day is a proclamation of the Nativity of Jesus and that the birth of Mary is the beginning of salvation because it raises Hope on the World. He reminded the future Professed that following Christ is a free gift of God made to man despite his limits and weaknesses and without any merit on his part. Thus, they must not take pride in it, but must continually give thanks for the quality of their response day after day.

Trust and have the help of their Brothers

The celebrant stressed to the future Professed that the form of life they are about to embrace seems to be difficult. They benefit from the Community and from their Brothers and Sisters in whom they can trust and open themselves to get help so that they can continue their journey in the following of Christ.  He added that they must also trust in the Lord’s grace, which will never fail them, provided they remain attentive and docile to His will.

After the homily, the actual Profession followed. During this meeting, the Brothers Jean Baptiste, Narcisse and Samuel freely issued in the hands of Bro. Jean Baptiste NDIAYE, Brother Visitor of the Saint Paul District of West Africa, the vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience for a year, according to the Constitutions of our Congregation.

At the end of the Holy Mass, there was Rejoicing and Festive songs.

Let us carry the Newly Professed in our prayers and may the Virgin Mary accompany them.

The Newly Professed surrounded by some Brothers present.

Entry into the Novitiate of 2 young people

Two young people, Eric and Richard, both from the DR of Congo, entered the Dapaong Novitiate on August 25th ,2022. It was Bro Benoît MAPAYENI, Counsellor and Delegate of the Brother Visitor (of the Saint Paul District of West Africa) who welcomed these two young people into the Congregation in the presence of some Brothers.

The Novices surrounded by the Formation team of the Novitiate

Family photo with Brothers present and Novices finishing.

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