To recreate scenes of paintings from photos, videos and theater is the challenge raised by young final- year students of La Touche Agricultural and Vocational High School, Ploërmel. Last year these young people visited museums in Brussels.

We left the visit to create by ourselves an exhibition of contemporary Art with the students as main actors “ Fabrice Tanguy, a socio-cultural and educational teacher at the High School commented.

Fabrice Tanguy: “This experience at the High School may have helped to reconcile our young students with Art

Last October, during a week of artistic creation, a Photo laboratory was installed in the Hall of the High School to revisit the classic paintings of the Italian artist Le Caravaggio ( 1571-1610 ). Two video directors-photographers of the Company  « Instant Ephémère » introduced the students to the mapping and to the video creation. And from classic works, the pupils studied the expressions of the characters under theatrical form and improvised scenes concerning the paintings.

One of Caravaggio’s paintings interpreted by the young students.

” The students of the vocational High School are not familiar with museums and works of Art”, Fabrice Tanguy continued. This experience at the High School may have helped to remove inhibitions from our young students and even to reconcile them with Art. From the play, they appropriated the work. From the play, they went on to the artistic work and to the creation. “

Entering into a work, understanding things from within…

At the end, the exhibition includes 6 aluminum panels-1,10m x 0,80m-redrawing 6 paintings of the Italian master. These panels are outdoor presented on the walls of the building “Les Tilleuls” at La Touche High School and open to the public. Contact:

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