Coming from Argentina, from Uruguay, from Chile and from Bolivia – El Alto and San Borja – there were more than 100 young people living the Holy Week at San Borja.

In the course of multiple activities, workshops, celebrations, visits, songs and animations, these young people of the Cono Sur have opened the Bicentenary.

Gathered for all those days, they received a video message of the Brothers Hervé ZAMOR, the Superior general of the Brothers, Benito ZAMPEDRI, Provincial of Argentine-Uruguay and Rafa ALONZO, Provincial of Spain.

Link video youtube.

Here is the text of the message sent to the young.

” You were called to something big “. Here are the words of Jean-Marie de la Mennais. This made a small group of young people dream in the house of the Brothers at San Borja. They felt that it was true, they recognised that they had been called to something big and wanted that many other young people may discover the truth that Jean-Marie de la Mennais proposed, more than 200 years ago.

” You were called to something big “, believe it just for a while.

Is it addressed to me, too?

Do I believe that Jean-Marie de la Mennais tells it to me too?

But what are we talking about? Who calls me? Who counts on me?

What is it all about, what I am called to, for what?

In reality all these questions have the same answer. Jean-Marie de la Mennais had a dream, almost an obsession, a passion which filled his life. Jean-Marie de la Mennais felt himself loved infinitely by God, here is the origin of his passion: ” if they knew as he loves them “.

His only wish was that you, children and young people, you Brothers and the whole Mennaisian family, you understood the love which God has for you.

Here is what you are called to. It is not a question of being great politicians who would find a solution to the problem of the water in our houses or being engineers who would make for us roads until La Paz… it would be already good, let us hope that these problems may be solved. But you were still called to something bigger, to something more difficult, I am afraid of it.

You were called to discover the water that HE offers to you, the water which fills you up with peace and with kindness.

The peace and the kindness that spring out when we know how much he loves us.

You were called to build bridges between people, even between different and distant people because they know they are loved by God.

I really consider that it is something big, I truly consider that God loves them.

To understand that, will change your lives, will fill them with sense and with hope.

To understand it will unite you in the same dream: To be Mennaisians in every corner of the world:

When you return to Uruguay, when you return to Argentina, when you are in Chile, when you go up to El alto, when you walk in San Borja… You will know you are not alone; you are not the only fools loved by God and who want to live so that others discover it too.

Mennaisian people from all over the world give their lives day after day to follow this call.

I encourage them to listen and to trust, it is God who calls us, who counts upon us… it comes from him, it is his immense love that, through our clumsy love, will make everyone who crosses our paths fall in love. Let us trust in him, more than in us; let us deepen this love, in deeds rather than in words; let us thank him for his presence everywhere, let us be filled with his joy in whatever surrounds us. Let us admire the beauty that flows everywhere even where no one expects it.

You are in San Borja, a beautiful place, in nature, with wonderful people who smile and love, a part of the world that reminds me of paradise! How can we not discover God, not trust him, admire him and thank him… in a place like this! All the Brothers and the Mennaisian family thank you for being witnesses and join you wholeheartedly.

Young people from all over the world, trust and rejoice because you have received this gift:

“To be Mennaisian”, I invite you to another meeting, take note!

Thank you for listening, we have been called to something great.

It is a great joy to share this call.”

Brothers Hervé Z., Benito Z. and Rafa A.

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