For a month ten young Brothers of the Congregation, preparing for their perpetual profession, were in a Formation session at the Mother House of Ploërmel. One regret: the absence of our 6 Brothers from Uganda who never got their visa! But even from afar they were present at the heart of our times of prayer.


It was truly a peak moment of joy and fraternal life for all: Young Brothers, Formators, Brothers and Staff of the Mother House. Below, some testimonies of these young Brothers:

Visite à l’Amélia, Saint-Servan.

 “Animated with Love found amongst our dear brothers, O how sweet, good and blessed is to live in sweet peace”. It is with this excerpt from the Hymn of the Congregation that I wish to express my joy for the time of the session I spent in Ploërmel. I spent a month of learning, a month of discovery, a month of fulfilment, a month of joy of being a Brother. We formed a community full of love, a community where it was difficult to recognize who was Congolese, French, Togolese, Haitian, Beninese, Senegalese, Ugandan but a community that was formed of Brothers who love each other…” (Brother Clément -DRC)

At the end of Mass in Beignon

“I would like to thank the Lord for having guided and led the Formators to be able to share with us their  knowledge and experience  During this session, I had to touch with my fingertips the different places that the Founders and our Pioneer Brothers lived in, and this prompted me to give myself more to the Lord so as to make him better known to the little ones and youth entrusted to me… It was an unforgettable moment filled with joy and love together with the confreres.” (Brother Maxito, Haiti)

Among the Augustinians, in Malestroit

“This session is for me the humus that will contribute to my growth. Memories are kept in my heart as a treasure that no one can steal or destroy. For the Lord reminds me that he is the watchman who watches over me. I only give thanks to God for allowing me to mobilize all my senses to live this time of spiritual renewal, in the footsteps of our Founders. Their words and actions inspired me to be a builder of peace and love in my apostolic actions, trusting fully in the Lord who never abandons his envoys.” (Brother Marc-Daniel Haiti)

“This session was of incomparable importance to me: thanks to it, I was able to re-read my vocational history and thus my years of mission. It was also a time to recall, and of encouragement through the sharing of different lived experiences, each in his community and mission. The accompaniments were of crucial importance for the deepening of the themes developed. At the end of this session, I can only express my satisfaction and gratitude to the team that organised it.” (Brother Benjamin)

Visit to the community of Saint-Brieuc

“The session I have just lived in Ploërmel remains extraordinary to the point that I can only thank God for this opportunity that has been offered to me. Many events have filled the session, namely spiritual renewal (prayer) in a favourable setting, of fraternal life (sharing), of exchanges of experiences lived in our different Districts and Provinces. I also touched with my finger what the venerable Jean Marie de la Mennais and Gabriel Deshayes, Founders of our Congregation, experienced and did. I walked in their footsteps. At the end of this session, I pledge to be a man of peace in community, to work with passion in the mission entrusted to me for the growth of the Institute. This discovery encourages me to throw myself in the boat the same way like the first brothers for the mission. Finally, I thank the Superior General and his Council, the Major Superiors and the Formators who made possible the holding of this international session at the Mother House of Ploermel. (Bro Daniel, Togo)

At the Chesnaie

“At the end of my stay in Ploërmel, at the Mother House of our Institute, where we spent a good time in a session full of discoveries of the Mennaisian places, I want to say that I appreciated the welcome of the Brothers, their kindness, their availability, their openness. I enjoyed the meals prepared by the always smiling cooks and all the services. I thank all those who, from near or far, have contributed to the success of this session. Let everyone find here my feelings of gratitude. This session was a moment of homecoming. Unfortunately, our Ugandan colleagues were not able to participate due to a lack of visas. May they be reassured: we prayed with them and for them. Thank you for this beautiful session. God Alone in time, God Alone in eternity. (Brother Robert, DRC)

Visit to our Elderly Brothers in Saint Martin at Josselin

“New Pentecost? rain of graces and blessings? Earth sown with the thirst of God?”. This would be a few words in an attempt to awkwardly say what this session of preparation for perpetual vows in Ploërmel was for me. Much more; it was a time of intense spiritual experience, of listening, of accompaniment, of personal re-reading, of sharing, of discovery and of fraternal communion. I go back more than ever equipped, but above all strengthened in my vocation as a Brother, encouraged by the faithfulness of the elders, feeling today more than yesterday heir to Father de la Mennais and with the grace of the Spirit, to be an apostle of hope and of fraternity where the Lord will send me.” (Brother Quenneth, Benin)

“The session was a very peak moment of renewal, communion, reflection and conviviality. It has enabled me to deepen my vocation as a Brother in the light of the Gospel and of the Founders who from the outset have wished to have Brothers who are fulfilled, devoted and pious; Brothers totally consecrated for the cause of children and the youth especially the neediest. I leave with a strong sense of pride in belonging to this beautiful work, but above all with the full energy and confidence for a fruitful and fulfilling mission.” (Brother Étienne, Senegal)

Reunion with Bro Louis Kervadec, their former Formator in Abidjan

“This session in Ploërmel was rich in teachings and testimonies. For me, it was a real moment of exchange, of sharing, of joy and above all, of openness on the various aspects of our identity as religious Brother. The involvement each and every one in all the activities was remarkable. Also, a good atmosphere reigned in joy and thanksgiving. It was a time of spiritual renewal and joy. Two convictions inspire me: let us always keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, and our vocation will not be shipwrecked because He is there, inside; let us dare a joyful fraternity. ” (Brother Gaston, Togo)

“Is not my heart burning in me, in the footsteps of the Founders who open me to the horizon of perpetual vows?” Of course! This session was a noble occasion for me to experience – even to feel the trembling – of the disciples of Emmaus in the presence of the Master. This return to the Source strengthened my convictions in the Ideal of JMM and GD, and illuminated the shadows of my consecrated life to continue to say YES to the Lord. I confess that I have not only been in the presence of Sessional Pilgrims and Formators, but I have met the mysterious Being of our Founders. Convinced of their interpellation: «my Son completes my work», I go back to Haiti with a burning heart of love for God at the service of children and young people.(Bro Marc-Sondez, Haïti)


During the burial of Bro Jean-Pierre Le Rest, the confreres of Haiti sang in front of his tomb at the cemetery. They sung a very beautiful canticle of the Blessed Virgin in Creole

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