There are 22 of them in BTS Animal Production at the General Agricultural and Forestry High School Le Nivot in Lopérec, France. 11 Young Women, 11 Young Men, between 18 and 30 Years Old. Most of them come from families rooted in the Rural World and at the Head of a Farm, several are also City Dwellers. Some want to try the Veterinary Assistant Competitions and a handful are finally looking for their path and have not decided on their Professional Direction.
During a Course this Monday, in this year of the School’s Centenary, they welcomed Xavier de Bénazé, Jesuit Priest, Agricultural Engineer, European Delegate of his Institute for Ecological Transition. The opportunity to speak freely on Subjects as varied as their motivations for becoming Farm Managers, Organic, Cooperatives, the Producer-Consumer Relationship, the Environment, Difficult Situations… Let’s go!
“I am connected to Animals. I can cry when the cows are not doing well, says a 20-Year-Old Student. We live our passion and we feel useful, we feed people and it is a Profession of Values. »
The Majority of those who spoke out wanted to set themselves up at the Head of a Dairy, Pig or Sheep Farm, to a much lesser extent. Where does this desire to take over a Farm and start a Business come from?
With us it is the Family Story that continues
“What also motivates us is to ensure the continuation of the Farm,” assures another student. We want to take over the Family Legacy and make our Parents and sometimes even our Grandparents proud. When we look at them we feel that they are proud of it! They don’t say it but their looks express it, even if some have dissuaded us from doing this Job which remains difficult. With us, their Story continues!
What about Conventional and Organic Production Methods? Organic? It won’t be Sustainable, says a student. From a Social Point of view, it’s good, but you have to pay the Price and Consumers don’t follow it.” “Making Organic requires even more Work and Labor,” adds a young woman. And we are not going to be able to cover the Entire Planet with Organic. This concerns a very small portion of people. There is a disagreement between the Consumer who asks and the one who cannot afford to buy.”
Consumers and Producers in conflict
“With regard to Breeding and Crops and the Conventional mode of Exploitation, Farmers have made a great effort regarding the Environment and the Risks of Pollution” assure many. Xavier de Bénazé takes the opposite view and emphasizes that the Consumption Statistics for polluting products are not decreasing. The students reacted. “Before these products were much more concentrated, they are now diluted which means that the quantities used remain the same.”
“Should we eat less Meat but Better? » says the Jesuit. “Would that mean producing less when half of what we eat comes from Abroad? » replies one of the young people. “There is a logic when you are a Consumer: you want the Cheapest Quality and when you are a Producer what is expected is an Income that allows you to live properly. There is wanting and being able. These are two opposing Logics.”
Whom can we trust to change difficult situations in the Agricultural World? “This will not come from Politicians or Agricultural Unions” say some, others remain thoughtful. “We cannot do anything without the CAP” assures the Majority.
How to make yourself heard?
And then, other questions come like Punches. “How do you make yourself heard when things aren’t going well? Why does it only move when there is Violence during Exploitative Demonstrations? Do always have to be extreme situations to be listened to? »

“In the Industry we don’t ask questions,” says a student. When things are bad we keep quiet because that means we are weaker. Often the rule is “you work and that’s it”! You must not show your feelings, it is frowned upon and very quickly there are rivalries with others. Some go so far as to call you to buy your land and equipment.”

Once leaving the Class, walking towards the visit to the Sheep and Pig Farms, several young people continue: “Do we need to be violent in order to be considered, when situations are too difficult? It is only during a Suicide that many people ask questions afterwards. It’s too late and it’s too hard. »
Choices to be ahead
In the end, how can we move forward together towards the future? “We will have to look for Compromises” says one, “Progress is Possible, but it’s complicated” says another. Teachers present also questions: “How to make the right choices, how to be and stay ahead? “.
École du Nivot
Meeting with the School Life Team
“Confidence and Nature Activities are Essential”
“Many young people regain confidence here, thanks to the Atmosphere, the Relationships with Adults and the Boarding School,” says Morgane Simon, School Life Coordinator. This can be complicated for some at home sometimes. Many also experience Dysphasia, Dyslexia or Dyspraxia and need support. Being with friends feels good and what I really like, at College in particular, are the Workshops and Activities every Afternoon: Cycling, being outside, Caring for Animals, learning to fish… Having Reference Points and a Framework is important, reassuring and it helps in a journey. »


The Establishment welcomes 400 young people. It is Directed by Cédric Troadec.

There are 260 young people at the Boarding School, including 50 girls.

More than 20 Training Courses are offered: Initial or through Apprenticeship and Work-Study Training.

The Establishment includes a Middle School and a High School which prepares for the General, Technological and Professional Baccalaureate and Higher Education Courses preparing for BTS, Licenses and Qualifying Training.

Nivot Celebrates its 100th Birthday.

On this occasion, a Televised Mass will be Broadcast live from Nivot on France 2by the Day of the Lord Sunday June 9th, 2024.

Meet there from 10 a.m. for a Live Broadcast at 11 a.m.

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