In front of the Basilica of the Rosary, Our Lady of Fatima.

10 young French Adults left Rennes on July 26th 2023 and joined the Diocese of Porto. The Coordination of the Team is ensured by Corentin Ogier and Bro James Hayes is also part of the Delegation. For their part, the Spanish Young experienced a Week of Meetings and Activities in Zamora.

“We write from the Sanctuary of Fatima, assures Camille of La Mennais France Team. The Week is intense. It is impressive to see that the whole World is converging in Portugal.

Our La Mennais Team traveled with one of the Coaches of the Diocese of Rennes for more than 25 hours in total! In the bus, the animations did not stop as well as in the Parishes of Porto and in Varzea do Douro, Municipality which welcomed the Team.

The Beauties of Porto discovered by the Team.

In Varzea do Douro, the Town that hosted the La Mennais France Delegation.


In Porto, during the Closing Mass, the colors of La Mennais!

« Nous avons été touchés par l’

“We were touched by the welcome”

We were touched by the welcome of the Portuguese who opened their house and gave way to Strong Encounters.

With the family who welcomed our group. Great contacts!

“You brought us more than we gave you” Antonio and Laurinda who welcomed us into their family told us this. We left them this morning with regret, our hearts full of shared moments.

In Porto, Saturday was our last evening. In the morning, we participated in an Outdoor Mass in the heart of the crowd. Porto and its Region have superb Landscapes! “.

Information: Camille Guitton and Corentin Ogier



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