Unexpected and Unique! Twenty 20-year-old students from the BTS Commercial Management of the Lycée La Mennais in Ploërmel, France experienced a very lively Workshop on Friday April 13th 2023. “To be a Coach of my life”? It means knowing myself better, listening to how others talk about my qualities, sharing my vision of success and being inspired by two Witnesses. These witnesses are: Gabriel Deshayes – Founder and Co-Founder of Religious Congregations and Social initiatives to help people in difficulty and – Antoine Faber, former CEO of the Danone Group and now engaged in the creation of new Ethical Economic references. At the end, of two hours of exchanges and strong words heard: “It’s too much positive for my life! “. Explanations

” Positive “. “Smiling”. ” At the service of others “

“Cindy you are always positive and attentive. Emmanuel, you spend your time helping others. Clara you are listening and smiling. “So many positive things, it’s too much!” expressed the participants on this Sunny afternoon. A moment like suspended time. “This calm weather is too weird, we are usually always speedy with the Lessons” assured Ludovic.

Listen to the qualities of each other. A moment like suspended time.

It is very simple. What could be more coherent for BTS Commerce Students than to discuss their strengths and qualities, to share the role of a Team, to discuss ways of managing a Project and winning attitudes and behaviors. The novelty is the emphasis placed on the positive qualifiers expressed by each towards the other members of his Team. “We are not used to highlighting the qualities of others and hearing our own and it really feels good! “.

What is my definition of success today? And how to be useful and flourish?

During a Two-Hour Workshop as part of the Commercial Management Course, five Teachers and Animators contributed to living this moment: François Lançon and Mathilde Leorat, Teachers in Eco-Management-Law, Anne Moal, Pastoral Animator, Bro Claude Launay and Michel Tanguy, from the Association of Friends of Gabriel Deshayes.

5 Benchmarks for a Manager

So, what’s special with Gabriel Deshayes?

5 points that he experienced and implemented are all Benchmarks for a Manager:

Take Realities into account when making choices

Set Realistic Goals and Appropriate means

Choose Reliable Advisors and rely on strong friendships

Adapt to Unforeseen Situations and learn from failures

Cultivate your Inner Life and question the meaning of your choices

As for Emmanuel Faber, ex-CEO of Danone, during his speech at the Graduation Ceremony at HEC in 2017, he said this: “Who is your brother? »

See his speech here:


A workshop that can be done anywhere with young people from all networks

What can I do for you and what can we do together? How to develop Meaningful Human, Professional and Commercial Relationships? Fulfilling and Rewarding Relationships?

In the end, the Workshop is an invitation to live other moments to build healthy and positive business relationships, in other words Sustainable and Ethical. An exciting challenge, right?

To express oneself in confidence, to listen to one another, to share what everyone carries within them…

This Workshop can be conducted in the various Higher Education Training Courses of the Establishments, as well those of the Educational Networks linked to Gabriel Deshayes – La Mennais, Saint Gabriel, Montfort, La Sagesse, Christian Instruction of St-Gildas-des-Bois – and others within Catholic Education or with Denominational or Non-Denominational Social Action Associations.

Contact  : claudelaunay2@orange.fr

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