It was the feast at the Educational Centre “Noël des Anges”– CENA in Port-au-Prince, Haiti! The last School day of 2021, this Friday, December 17th, was an opportunity to experience a special moment with the children: welcoming parents, celebrations, presentation of activities carried out in Workshops, Parent Meetings, Distribution of Newsletters, and Meals. It was the 6th Anniversary of the Centre at the same time as the closing of the quarter. Explanations by Bro Lamy Dessalines.

Feast day at CENA in Port-au-Prince.

All the students were present, well supervised by their Educators, as well as the parents who responded to the invitation. Some visitors raised the brilliance of the feast: Brother Géniaud LAUTURE, Provincial of the Brothers of Christian Instruction, Sisters Marie-Charles and Marie-Thérèse, of the Community of the Elder Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny, Sister Marie-Louise of the Kisito Family, responsible for the « Foyer des filles », which welcomes some of our students.

Below: Bro Géniaud Lauture, Provincial of the Brothers, together with the invited Sisters.

14 Baptisms

The Multipurpose room well decorated for the occasion was full. The celebration of the Eucharist opened the Feast. Father Dumay (sdb), new Parish priest, was welcomed at the CENA. We welcomed him for the Eucharist and Baptism, which he administered to fourteen of the newly enrolled students.

During the Baptism of 14 CENA children.

In his homily, he emphasized to parents the meaning of Baptism and the responsibility of Parents and Godparents to help children grow in faith. At the end of the ceremony, the CENA Anthem was sung loudly and clearly:
One thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, arriving on the same ship
In Haiti, members of three
Priests of Saint James, Sisters Saint Joseph of Cluny
With the Brothers of Christian Instruction.

Beautiful achievements of the children

Here is the second part. The guests and the parents visited with pleasure the achievements of the students: Skirts, Hooks, Macramé (bracelets), Plastic arts (plates and bowls). The children took the snacks and prepared for the cultural part which was composed of beautiful songs and dances well rhythmic that made the joy of the Public.

These children’s achievements are a source of pride for them and their families.

During the third and final part were giving out the report cards to parents in the classroom. Educators took time to meet with parents on this rare occasion. At the same time as they handed out the report card, they explained the student’s work, his progress, his learning difficulties, his behaviours …. The children left with their lunch and a kit prepared for the occasion: food supplies, toiletries, some gifts for the first class, School bags. They are to return to School on January 10th 2022.

Difficult conditions

Once the children and the parents went away, the Staff met at the Teachers’ Square to have lunch, to discuss the progress of the Centre, to share wishes for the end of the year.

One part of the staff team.

As a sign of gratitude, each received a small gift from the Directorate as well as Certificates of good co-operation. Thank you all for the good work we are trying to do in increasingly difficult conditions. Let us continue to serve life for the full development of these dear children entrusted to us.

Bro Lamy Dessalines

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