“Love teaches all things”. This sentence by Jean-Marie de la Mennais appears on the monument to the Brothers of Reinosa, Spain. This achievement received the most votes and was chosen by the population of the City, during the competition of Participatory projects set up by the Municipality in 2019.

The Mennaisian Brothers of Reinosa now have a stele that recognizes the work done by theCongregation founded by Jean-Marie de la Mennais, and for its influence on the City and the Region.

OnThursday, June 3rd , the stele was inaugurated by Mayor, José Miguel Barrio during a ceremony, near San-José College.

Francisco Arenas, the promoter of this initiative, explained that his goal was to recognize the exemplary work of the Mennaisian Brothers in the field of Education since their arrival in 1904.

The Brothers and teachers from the College of San José Niño Jesús and a delegation from the Projects Group and members of the Municipality attended the ceremony.

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