A cantata like a rainbow capable of illuminating a life, a source of living water, music and voices that touch the soul. It was an evening under the sign of beauty and offering this Sunday, July 18th at the Chapel of the Mother House in Ploërmel. The 15 young people and adults of the Malestroit Psallette – Choir and Instrumental ensemble of the Collège St-Julien – France – were able to offer this concert conducted by Marc Huck as a gift to the Congregation of the Brothers on the occasion of their foundation 200 years ago.

Postponed twice because of the health crisis, this exceptional recital received a deserved reception! This happened as part of the achievements of the “Music and Scared Art Academy” of Ste-Anne d’Auray directed by Bruno Belliot. Conceived as a tribute to the action led by Jean-Marie de la Mennais, Gabriel Deshayes and the Brothers for two centuries, it was a magnificent one-hour birthday bouquet in a well filled Chapel! Let’s listen to…

« As we are called to cross the Atlantic
As God’s corsaires, and to found Schools
The work of God will never lack Apostles.
Brothers, you have no more talent than others
But blessed, you come in the name of the Lord! »

Excerpt from the text of the Cantata written by Etienne Mahieux, the music being by Jean-René André.

In the middle of the month of July – a time of dispersal and without having been the object of a great dissemination of information – the concert of the « Cantate des Frères » won a full echo with choirs and three solos: the first and the last to Jean-Marie de la Mennais, the second to Gabriel Deshayes and the third to Féli de Lamennais.

From left to right: Bro Bernard Bourigault, in charge of reception at the Mother House, Marc Huck, Director of the Malestroit Psalette and Bruno Belliot, Director of the “Music and sacred Arts Acadmy” of Ste Anne d’Auray.

Bruno Belliot, Director of the “Music and sacred Arts Acadmy of Ste-Anne d’Auray, stressed how this concert was full of symbols and links of history and fraternity between the Brothers and Ste Anne d’Auray. Previously, on behalf of Bro Yannick Houssay, Provincial, retained elsewhere, Bro Bernard Bourigault welcomed everyone and emphasized the joy of welcoming the Malestroit Psallette that he knew well when he was Headteacher of the Collège of St-Julien.

In addition to the 12 young members of the choir, let us greet the presence of Musicians and Soloists: Jérôme Desprez, tenor, Anne-Gwenn Brodu, flute, Laurent Richard-Parpaillon, oboe, Kristina Omnes, cello, Michel Jézo, organ.

A well-stocked audience that gave a standing ovation to this creation.

The Chorus, musicians and 4 co-creators of this Cantate.

Another strong singularity of this cantata is the quality of the text, which invited to action, opened horizons, encouraged us to join the Founders and to be ourselves. Let’s read the text of this work!

« Let us be Brothers and Sisters to educate these young people whose spirit is dying of thirst!” 

Last November, Marc Huck, in charge of the Malestroit Psallette, addressed the Brothers in these words:

Dear Brothers,
It is a great joy for us to send you two musical excerpts from the Cantate des Frères, commissioned by our friends Etienne Mahieux and Jean-René André.

This creation should have been given last May and November 28th , but health realities decided otherwise.

Failing to be able to discover it for the moment in public, we proposed to listen to it in its version recorded at the Church of Saint Gilles de Malestroit.

I thank my colleagues from the Psallette, Lucette Pouteau, Jérôme Desprez and Michel Jézo, who prepared the students with me for the interpretation of this work ».

Marc Huck

Listen to 2 excerpts here

https://r1.res.office365.com/owa/prem/images/dc-wv_20.pngCantate Mvt 7 version 2.mp3
https://r1.res.office365.com/owa/prem/images/dc-wv_20.pngDIEU SEUL 20 11 20 version 2.mp3

Music and Sacred Arts Academy / Ste Anne d’Auray

Collège St Julien, Malestroit / Psallette de Malestroit


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