1.- This Saturday, March 17th, mass is celebrated at 9:00 am by Father David, a Picpus priest.

2.- The Brothers silently go to the Chapter hall.

3.- The texts from “Rule of Life” concerning the election of the Brother Superior General are read by Bro. Hervé ASSE,  Chapter secretary

4.- The Chapter Office presides over the election operations. With the Secretary, the scrutineers and the President.

5.- In silence, the Capitulants vote.

6.- The counting of votes takes place.

7.- Brother Hervé ASSE, Secretary, announces the results.

8.- Brother Hervé ZAMOR is asked if he accepts this mission. He replies: “Counting on the mercy of God, relying on the confidence of my confreres, I freely accept the service.”

9.- Bro. Hervé is officially proclaimed Superior General.

10.- Bro. Yannick HOUSSAY, former Superior General, fraternally greets Bro. Hervé ZAMOR, then the Brothers express their wishes while congratulating him.

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