Leaving one’s school, getting together, sharing, building a kite as a team and making it … fly! This was  a strong symbolic approach that was  experienced  on Tuesday,  6th June  by 120 schoolchildren – aged 13 to 16 years  from Mennaisian Colleges of Finistère : St-Blaise-Ste Elisabeth of Douarnenez, St-Joseph of Audierne and N-D of Roscudon of Bridge Cross, St-Louis of Chateaulin, St-Germain of Pleyben, St-Joseph-St-Sébastien of Landerneau and St-Stanislas of St-Renan.

Collegians from all Finistère.

Welcome at Saint- Stanislas College of Saint Renan, during  a pastoral day of the Mennaisian Network of France, the young people expressed with talent their sense of “alliance” – according to the annual theme – and their feelings with drawings and expressions: being together, brotherhood, mutual aid, respect, support, confidence … « Alliance » as an opportunity to take off.

Time of reflection in St-Egarec chapel.

Each team made its own kite.

Gathered for the picnic around the St-Egarec chapel of Lampaul-Plouarzel, the young people lived there a time of interiority before reaching the seaside and the big dune. There, the team of the organizsrs, teachers and headteachers, introduced the take-off of the 12 kites piloted by the school children … A drone filmed the word “Alliance” composed  by young people lying  on the dune.


After the Feast of Pentecost, the wind was fully present at that meeting, arousing feelings and memories.

Part of the team of animation of Mennaisian Colleges of Finistère. More than fifteen animators were mobilised, namely particularly : Annick Bothorel, Erwan Croguennec, Mickaël Dussauze, Murielle Ory, Annie Cloitre, Jean Guéguen, Philippe Gouriou, Pascale Floch, François Péron, Jean-Baptiste Percier and some others.

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