Complexe scolaire de Bunia, RDC Congo.

Overview and news of communities, schools, Brothers and laity of the Mennaisian Family. Here is a new series of testimonies received.

DRC CONGO-RWANDA. Closed schools

«President Félix Tshisekedi announced that the closing of schools and universities since Wednesday, and of all places of worship. Across the country 14 people are infected.

Jeunes du Rwanda.

In Rwanda the first case of coronavirus was declared on Saturday 14th March. The government has announced the closure of all schools: kindergartens, secondary schools, universities, major seminaries, Rwanda has recorded 8 cases, but no deaths.

I am now, on this Wednesday,18th March, in Rwanda on the way back from West Africa. »

Bro Pascal Mbolingaba,

Visitor of St John Paul II District

KENYA. Schools closed

Ecole secondaire de Singe, Babati, Tanzanie.

«This morning Tuesday, 17th March we are going to Nanyuki with Brother Daniel Briant, General Treasurer to see the progress of St. Padre Pio Project. I will send you some pictures shortly.

It is also important to know that the government has ordered the closure of all of our schools due to this coronavirus. »

Bro Anthony Kithinji,

Provincial, St Michael Archangel Province


ARGENTINA-CHILE-BOLIVIA-URUGUAY. Schools organise after closure

«Hello from Culiprán in Chile where I have been since Sunday evening,15th  March.

Since Monday, 16th March , none of the four countries that are part of the Divine Providence District has school activities with the presence of students. These do not come to school. In the schools of Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, minimum permanence is made to ensure that the school remains open and operates administratively by coordinating educational services.

The managers and the educators work from virtual platforms with students. They send them work to be done at home using various technological means. This is not the case in Bolivia, at least for the moment.

There was a panic in the families after the suspension of classes, a lot of psychosis on the subject. The courses are suspended for 15 days in the four countries, but everyone understands that it will be for longer, perhaps months without school activity.

Rencontre d’éducateurs à San Borja, Bolivie, au début du mois de mars.

The directives of the institutions are organised from day to day and take the decisions that the context requires. The situation is changing and the measures that will be taken in the social and political field are becoming more and more strict and call for minimal mobility of people, and to avoid mass meetings by all means.

Telephone companies and internet services offer more gigabytes of data to facilitate work at home and education ministries make available to students and educators educational platforms to help with pedagogical work at home .

For the moment, to our knowledge, there is no educator, parents of pupils or pupils recognised positive for COVID-19. »

Bro. Benito Zampedri,

Visitor of Divina Providencia District


WEST AFRICA. Do not panic. Various situations for schools

«Here in West Africa, it is not a great panic but the political and health authorities as well as the bishops have taken certain decisions to contain the evolution of the pandemic. I am sending you an update on the situation to date 16th March.

Bro Jean de la Croix Laré,

Visitor of St Paul District

Togo. No school closed to date

Regarding schools, the Togolese authorities have not decided, at this stage, to close them.

Eucharistic celebrations and other liturgical gatherings are still possible for the moment.

From Sunday evening 22nd March and for 3 weeks, groups of more than 100 people are suppressed. Consequently, the programming of the French Institute in Togo is adapted. Depending on the evolution of the situation, updated instructions will be issued.

Senegal. Schools closed and celebrations suspended

The government has decided to suspend teaching in schools and universities for a period of 3 weeks, starting Monday,16th March.

The Bishops of Senegal have decided to suspend all their religious activities including the Via Crucis, the Easter Masses.

These measures could be adapted according to the evolution of the situation, in coherence with the decisions taken by the Senegalese authorities.

Benin. Schools remain open

The schools are not closed till now, 16th  March. Only one case of corona virus infection – Covid-19 has been recorded so far.

Ivory Coast. Closed schools, liturgical offices are maintained. The Bishops’ Conference of Ivory Coast decided on 17th March to suspend religious services such as the pilgrimage and to close the Seminaries.»

The Catholic schools and High schools are closed as well as the Seminaries with the departure of the Seminarians back to their families, from this Tuesday, 17th March, for a period of 30 days.

The services fixed remain valid for Holy Week and Easter celebrations.

Six cases of coronavirus have been confirmed today. »

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