The moment is Historic: Brother Roger LeBlanc born on November 30th, 1918 in Quebec, Canada, is the Brother having reached the highest age in the Entire History of the Congregation of the Brothers of Christian Instruction.

“I share with you my Affectionate Admiration,” assured Bro. Mario HOULE, Canada-USA-Mexico Provincial, for the one which we Celebrate today, this 1st December 2023, the Highest Age ever reached… even by far! Br. Roger LeBlanc, of Pointe-du-Lac, reached 105 Years Old today. He allowed himself to be surrounded by Love and Joy last Monday, November 27th,2023 in the presence of many Guests.

The Dean of the Deans of the Congregation with Brother Mario HOULE, Provincial Canada-USA-Mexico.

Here is the message sent by Brother Mario Houle to the attention of the Dean of the Congregation:

“Dear, Unique and Precious Brother Roger,

What a Joy to be here again, gathered around you

to celebrate the Abundant Grace of the Lord in your life!

You often say yourself that you are pampered,

and you are filled with Gratitude and Praise.

Today, as you turn 105,

we are Wholeheartedly in Thanksgiving with you.

What an Incredible Journey you have experienced throughout these Decades,

in a path that continues day by day in Joy,

Prayer, Simplicity, Gratitude and Affection.

Brother Roger, you are Simply Unique.

Unique in your Personality, Cultured, Curious, interested in everything,

equally capable of Praying for Hours in Silence

than laughing out loud at everyday Jokes.

Unique in your life experiences that led you

in so many places where you have done good while living intensely.

Unique in our History as a Congregation for your longevity

which is still inhabited by Autonomy, Liveliness, Interest in Others.

Here surrounded by his Colleagues from Maison St-Joseph in Pointe-du-Lac.

Favorite for the Mennaisian Family

Unique also because you give the example of Letting Go,

of the ability to let yourself be Helped and Loved and Pampered.

Unique because you are a Unifier for your Community

and, let’s say it, a Favorite for the Entire Mennaisian Family.

Festive Meal in Pointe-du-Lac ! In the Foreground, the Bros Claude GELINAS, Robert SMYYH and Claude BEAUCHESNE.

On this Celebration of your 105th Birthday

which are simply a passage towards other New Heights,

we say thank you for carrying us all

in your Prayer to the Virgin Mary and your Dear Trinity,

and to look at us with your Loving and Caring Eyes.

May every moment of this New Year be a Celebration.

With a lot of Affection.”

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