Their 1st time

27 Brothers and 4 Lay People are living their 1st Chapter.

The Bro. Claude GREGOIRE, Eric MUGISA, Carlos LOVATTO, Géniaud LAUTURE, Carlos CAPELLAN, Anthony KAMUHANDA, Benedict ODHIAMBO, Franklin RUKUNDO, John Bosco SSENKABIRWA, Herman TAMALE, Damien HABIMANA, Fidele NGUWA, Ricardo MARZON (see again) Simon ALPHONSE, Stephane LE PAPE, Raul BLANCO, Laurent BOUILLET, Regis LEFRERE, Jean-Yves HAMON, Denis CHAMARET, Pierrick BUSSON.

4 Lay people: Victoria DRAPER, Luz Martha ROMERO, Yvette MEUS, Belen CORUNA MOZO

6 Young Brothers: Aiden RUKUNDO, Olivier IGIRANEZA, Franciskus GUA MAKING, Philippe DOUTI, Rony PIERRE, Paul MWITI

The Deans are the Bros. Michel GUYOMARC’H and Josu OLABARRIETA,

Bro Michel GUYOMARC’H, from France.

Bro Josu OLABARRIETA, from Spain

and the youngest invited Participant is Br. Philippe DOUTI.

Brother Philippe DOUTI, from Togo.

The average age of the Capitulants is 56 years old.


Here is also the list of Brothers with the Most Participation in Chapters.

7th Participation: Bro Yannick HOUSSAY, since 1988


Since 1994:
Bros. Josu OLABARRIETA,see above

Bro Mario HOULE,

Bro Gildas PRIGENT

5th Participation:

Bros. Jean-Paul PEUZE, Hervé ASSE, Gérard BYARUHANGA, since 2000

Brother Vincent BARIGYE:Chapters 94, 00, 06, 18

4th   Participation:

Br. Vincent SSEKATE since 2006

Br. Claude GELINAS:Chapters from 2000, 06, 18

For Memory and Information

The Bros Hervé LACROIX,



Peter KAZEKULYA, until 2018.

Participated in 7 Chapters from 1976 to 2012 or until 2018.

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