It was during the retreat of Auray in 1820 that the Brothers of Christian Instruction received, at the same time their name and their Rule, this motto GOD ALONE, they share moreover with other Congregations as the Montfort Fathers, the Sisters of Wisdom or the Sisters of Charity.

Very early, Father La Mennais appeared as fascinated by the motto: God Alone. This formula came to him from his studies and his readings, in particular from Boudon and Louis of Blois. This motto is found spontaneously in his correspondence, as in this letter of September 1st, 1820 to his friend, Bruté de Rémur:

” God alone! ¡ Oh, all the rest is nothing …
Nothing ! Nothing !! God alone ! God alone ! “

Throughout his life, his deep faith will express itself by these words and will inspire his action and his commitment at the service of the Church and of the world, especially the young people:

” Let us be everything to God! Let us do everything for God.
God alone ! God alone !
What! God alone would not be enough for us? “

ds-croix02He invited them to look for God’s will in everything, so giving all its sense at their commitment in the service of the children and of the young people.

” Report everything to God, Do everything in view of eternity:
May it be your unique thought there. ” “Work as if everything depended on you. And yet,  expect success only from God alone. “

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