An opening by way of meetings then … the night prayer.

At the end of the afternoon on March 1st, the opening celebration of the Chapter was marked by personal meetings, two by two, and by symbols.

The Brother in-charge of this animation, Bro. Guillermo, invited each capitulant to meet three other people – Brothers and/or laity – and to take a time of mutual discovery: country, origins, family, activity.

Each was then asked to choose a word that describes the attitude needed to write a new page. These words were connected on laptops to form a “wall of words”.

Do you want to know these chosen words? They are: courage, daring, passion, openness, listening, Providence, expectations, conversion …









A long procession took shape from the large hall of the Chapter House to the chapel. Bro. Yannick carried the cross while Brothers and Laity carried candles, the Rule of Life, the special issue of the Mennais Magazine on the Mennaisian Family, and finally the poster of the Treaty of Union between the two founders.

Each participant signed the Treaty of Union and the representatives of the countries deposited the corresponding flag while the Hymn of the Bicentenary in the English version was played.

In his message of the opening celebration, Bro. Yannick HOUSSAY, Superior General, recalled how we “experience the reality of a family.”

“In each one exists the desire that peace and love grow. We need it a lot,” he added. “We want to contribute to this peace. And we are called to be the actors of this story which continues today. Passionate and selfless actors.”

“The main actor of this Chapter is the Holy Spirit. We will put our trust in him and entrust this Chapter to Mary after the example of our two founders,” commented Brother Yannick.

“Mary can help us discern with a child’s heart. Let us be moved by these words: Providence of my God, we surrender ourselves unreservedly to you.”


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