The Statue was given as a gift to Sister Louise TOUCHETTE, Superior General of the Daughters of Providence, Father de la Mennais being the Common Founder of the two Congregations.

n the left of the picture, She is there …

It was expected: here it is! The New Statue of Jean-Marie de la Mennais was welcomed and Officially Presented during the Chapter and it accompanied all the Work and Events every day during this Intense Month.

Present at the Heart of the Work during every moment of the Chapter, she kept watch with her peaceful and meaningful presence.

It is a Statue close to us, with a soft color. She is crafted with many precise details: Clothing and Gestures. It presents Father de la Mennais in an Attitude of Welcome and Sending.

It was created by the Workshops of the “Regard”, near Caen, France, led by Benoît Douillet and his Team and inspired by the designer Mme Oniron. “It is a Unique Creation and we are proud to design a Statue intended to touch the Hearts of Children and Young People as a Priority,” explains Benoît Douillet.

Within the “Atelier du Regard”, the production mold gradually delivers the elements of the Statue.

Benoît Douillet, Director of the “Atelier du Regard”, takes care to create personalized and expressive Statues.

Three Symbols are distinguished:

The Anchor First of all :

Its roots are linked to your family, to the Sea,

and to the Words of the Gospel which nourish the relationship of a Father to His son.
Founder, he encouraged the sending of Brothers to the Continents, beyond the Seas.

Compass in the hand then,

It suggests a Course, it indicates a Direction, it suggests an Orientation.

And then the Logo of Our Educational Family:

this Ear of Wheat which sown on all Continents, carried by God Alone, DS.

Details adjusted when assembling the parts.

This Statue is proposed for Schools, Centers and Educational Works,

Communities, Classes, Mennaisian groups, Families…

It will be available shortly from Provinces and Districts which have ordered it.

 Read here a presentation guide and tips for welcoming and using the Statue.

OK FR Présentation Utilisation statue JMLM – Chapitre 2024

The Dimensions of the Statue – made of Resin – are 25 cm high by 12 cm wide. Thanks to the Team who participated in a Preliminary Workshop on these ways of using the Statue: Br. Claude Launay, Alain Burban, Bernadette Petton, Br. Louis Balanant.

17 Brothers and Lay People produce the Historical Directory of Brothers, Schools and Works

And here’s another gift! Are you interested in discovering the History of the 200 years and the Dates of Establishment in the World of the Communities, Schools and Educational Works of the Brothers and the Mennaisian Family? This 250-page Reference Document is for you!

Produced by a Team of 17 Brothers and Lay People, this New Publication is a Special Issue of the Magazine “Recherches historiques”. General Coordination was ensured by Brother Louis Balanant, Director of Historical Research, Archivist Province of St-Jean Baptiste, Brother Hervé Asse, General Secretary, Michel Tanguy, Director of Information, FIC Congregation.

In Summary:

Preface by Brother Hervé Zamor, Superior General

100 Dates in the History of the Congregation

History of Foundations by Country on the 5 Continents

Dates of Presence of the Brothers

Dates of Founding of Schools and Educational Works

History of Provinces and Districts

General Chapters

Governance and General Administration


Alphabetical Index of the 1200 Municipalities and Cities of the World

linked to the History of the La Mennais Brothers

A Team of 17 People

Cet Annuaire est disponible auprès du Frère provincial ou visiteur de chaque province et district.Félicitations à tous les auteurs !Contact :  /

Here are the Members of the Team producing this Special Issue of Historical Research

 EUROPE Province St Jean Baptiste

France: Brother Louis Balanant

England: Brother James Hayes

Italy: Brother Louis Balanant

Provincia Nuesta Señora del Pilar – Spain H. Justo Cuesta Calderón

 AMERICAS Jean de la Mennais Province – Canada – USA – Mexico

Canada: Mr. François Boutin

United States: Brother Jerome Lessard, Brother Charles Thomas, Mr. Paul M. Garriepy

Mexico: Bro Mario Couture

Province St Louis de Gonzague – Haiti Bro. Gérard Oboe

 District Divina Providencia – Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay Bro. Ricardo Morzán

St Francis Xavier Province – Indonesia, Japan, Philippines
Bro. Gildas Prigent

AFRICA Saint John Paul II District – Congo DRC, Rwanda, Bro. Pascal Mbolingaba

Saint-Paul District – Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Senegal Brother Jean-Yves Mingant

Province Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus – Uganda Province Saint-Michael the Archangel – Tanzania, Kenya: Brother Louis Balanant

OCEANIA District St Pierre Chanel – Polynesia: Bro. Yvon Deniaud

General Coordination

 Brother Louis Balanant, Director of Historical Research

Archivist Province St-Jean Baptiste

Michel Tanguy, Information Director, Congregation FIC

Bro Hervé Asse, General Secretary

 Publication Director:

Br. Hervé Zamor, Superior General

This Directory is available from the Brother Provincial or Visitor of each Province and District.

Congratulations to all the Authors!

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