” It  was on  March 21st, 2007 when Bro Mario Couture and Bro Gaétan Arseneault arrived at Huatusco to establish there a new mission in collaboration with the Agape Centre “, recalls Bro Mario Houle, Provincial of Canada-USA-Mexico. ” I am with my confreres Gaétan, Mario and Guillermo Davila in this month of March. These days allowed us to reflect together on the future of the mission and to set up structures to encourage our FIC establishment.

Families, animators and young people, gathered to celebrate 10 years of FIC presence at the Center John Paul II.

On Sunday 19th a great brotherly meeting gathered members of the Mennaisian Family, benefactors, animators, parents and young people to celebrate 10 years of FIC presence at Huatusco. On Monday 20th  the feast continued, this time with the members of the local Church: priests, religious brothers and sisters, with whom we work  for the same mission. ”

To believe in the future

“The collaboration and the support of our collaborators and of precious friends, the immense and extraordinary work realised so far with the smallest, with the young people and with the population in general, the affection that people of Huatusco show to the Hermanos Menesianos here, allow us to believe in this future and to dare to invent it. ”

Sharing between families and Bro Mario Couture, here  on the left.

Bro Mario Houle, Provincial, during the celebration of the 10 years of FIC presence in Mexico.

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